Last summer I was on holiday in Turkey and I did some shopping there and I discovered this brand called Flormar. In all the shops it was displayed like it was a really high-end brand but as it turned out, it was very affordable! I bought some really great nail varnishes, an eyeshadow and a lipstick. I liked everything. Back home I tried everything and I was really surprised by the quality of the products. So when I went to Amsterdam with my friend a few weeks ago I literally screamed when I saw they were opening a store here. Yesterday I was in Amsterdam again and I went to the store and I picked up some products and because I spent a certain amount of money (too much) they gave me a make-up bag, yay free things!

I already had a Flormar lipstick and I really like it so I definitely wanted more. I bought a light pink semi-matte one. It's called "Revolution perfect lipstick" in R04. The formula is very pigmented and so so creamy, I love it!
Another lipstick I bought was a "Deluxe shine gloss style" in D42. It's one of those hybrid lip products that you see a lot these days, a mix between a lip gloss and a lipstick. I really like this one because it's a shiny opaque purple but if you layer it, it becomes a bright purple. It's really well pigmented.
I also picked up a lip gloss, called "Perfect lip gloss" in P802 because it was only €3,50 and I only own one(!!) lip gloss and sometimes you just want a shiny glossy lippy you know? This one looks white in the tube but (of course) it isn't white when you apply it, it's a clear lip gloss with a LOT of pink and gold glitter.

On top: R04, middle and under: D42 I did two swatches so you could see what I'm talking about when I said it's PURPLE when you apply two coats, on the right is the lip gloss.
Then I headed over to the face make-up part of the store. The shop assistent was super nice to me and helped me pick out a foundation. I just asked her which one she would recommend and she applied this one ("Perfect coverage foundation" in 101 Pastelle) on my neckline and it looked great so I put it in my basket. Their primer ("Illuminating primer make-up base") already caught my eye in Turkey but I didn't get it because.. I don't know.. and now I saw it again and it also had a sign under it saying BEST SELLER so I had to have it. I can never find a good primer for a low budget so I was really curious about this one. I have used it once now and I really like it, it sets very quickly.

The last item I got is an eyeshadow palette, which is simply called "Color palette eye shadow". It's a palette with five matte nude colours. I was really excited about this because it's very hard to find a low budget nude palette, but a low budget matte nude palette is simply impossible. I think it's because matte eyeshadows are just harder to formulate or something.. However, I swatched this one and overall I'm really positive about the pigmentation. Their eyeshadows are very blendable as well. The lightest colours look quite bad on the swatches but that's because they're very similar to my skin-tone so they're quite good pigmented in real life.

*please do not ask about the scars on my hand*
I also picked up some cute accessoiries at Topshop and River island so I thought I'd include them in the haul as well.

On top are two "bun tops",  both from River Island. Bottom: a midi ring and an eagle necklace, both from Topshop.

Overall I'm very happy with my items. I haven't tried everything yet but I certainly will. My only complaint so far is that the products don't have fun names!! 'I'm wearing Candy Yum-Yum' sounds so much more fun than 'I'm wearing P802' or 'I'm now blending number five!' but really.. that's not a real complaint, is it?

Have you ever been to a Flormar store? What did you get there?

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