Only over the past few months my vanity game has gone way up, so my make-up stash kind of grew out of proportions and there was just an overload of products, basically, everywhere. That's why me and my mum went to Ikea to sort out some kind of system. I'm a little bit embarrassed about this, but yes, this is what my room looked like before. 

I am the messiest person ever.
Then we went to Ikea, threw everything out, built the new furniture, and we had this:

I was very tired from assembling everything and it was very dark outside so I'm sorry this picture is very bad
And now, after I put my stuff back in, it looks like this:

I'm so happy with the results! My room is a little bit difficult when it comes to light because there isn't any after noon, so I got a really good lamp. Everything is so white and clean and it just looks so fresh. I love it. The desk has drawers in them, which I still have to fill. The cabinet is supposed to have drawers and more shelves, but they sold out of them so I'll get them about next week. I also got the TYSNES mirror that's quite popular in the blogosphere. 

some details; left: rail with my perfumers. middle: some jewelry and accessories and Marie from Disney land, right: my daily make-up products in the GODMORGEN storage box.

How good are these shoe boxes though?! You can see what's in there and you can fold them up and they were about €8 for all four boxes.

What do you think of my new room? How do you store your make-up?

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