Ask any beauty blogger what eyeshadow primers they use and 99% of the time you'll hear 'Urban Decay Primer Potion!' or 'Too Faced Shadow Insurance!'. High street brands are definitely working on their primer game, but you don't really see a lot of high street eye primers. I found this one from Catrice and I decided to try it.

This primer comes in a small jar (4ml) and it has a heavy texture, like a paste. These small jars never really work for me because I get product all under my nails and the texture doesn't really work with a brush either, so I apply this with a sponge applicator.

After two weeks the jar looks like this. It has already dried in a little and around the edges it is more like clay.
Now to sum it up: This eyeshadow base comes in an annoying jar and it dries in quickly but does it do the job? The answer is: more or less.

excuse my eyebrows

You can see it doesn't really apply evenly and it looks a bit chalky. It doesn't really feel very greasy or sillocone-y so that's at least something. I swatched it both with and without eyeshadow and you can definitely see it does something right.

On top; eyeshadow applied without a base.  Middle; eyeshadow on top of the Catrice eyeshadow base. Bottom; the eyeshadow base.
You can definitely see a clear difference between the eyeshadows with and without the base. It definitely does a job. Personally, I don't think it does the job, since the formula dries in very quickly and it doesn't make your look more durable (it smudges quite easily, after this swatch I could rub this right off). But, considering it's around €3,99 it's not that bad. It's definitely better than Essence's eyeshadow base, and where I live that's about it when it comes to the variety of drugstore eye primers.

After writing this review I decided to suck it up and buy Urban Decay's primer potion.

What do you think of drugstore primers? 

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