Life is pretty hectic at the moment. I just lost my job and I've also had issues with my eyes and then there are personal issues that I don't really want to go in to. Anyway, I had a gift card from my birthday laying around and I thought it was a good time to use it. I decided to spend it at MAC, for me picking out goodies at MAC is the best retail therapy in the world. I browsed through shades and shades, googled on swatches, googled what my favourite celebrities were wearing, googled more swatches, read some reviews, watched some youtube, and I decided to go for Lady Danger. Lady Danger is a matte formula and it's the perfect in-between of red and orange. I could almost describe it as 'blood orange'.

I love all MAC lipsticks. They are the best but the matte ones are the ultra-best. They stay on forever, they're silky, but not too oily. They don't become dry when they set. I just love them. I'm not too big on the retro matte's though.

This morning my package arrived. I also ordered the fix+ face mist and I honestly can't believe how I have been living without the Holy Water for all those years. Amazing.

Did I make the right choice? What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

PS. I added social buttons to my page! Aren't they glittery?

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