'Maura are you going to open a store?' was what my sister replied when I told her I picked up another MAC lipstick. Well, no but can you ever have enough MAC lipsticks? I don't think so.
I picked up MAC's Rebel the other day when I had a gift card to spend. I eyed it online for a while, but after a short Google search I concluded that it looked different on anyone. I tried it on in store and the lady told me that I'm definitely a rebel and that it suited me perfectly. I agreed.

Rebel has a satin finish and it's the perfect in-between of hot pink and purple. For a satin finish this one is very strong. This lipstick stains like nobody's business! It's impossible to get off! I like that. 
Now this colour is right up my alley. I think 75% of my lipsticks are purple or pink.

As it turned out, Rebel is an amazing shade to combine with other shades. here I applied it on top of Candy Yum-Yum, which is a neon pink. The lady at the MAC counter told me this would look great, and I agree. Not only it makes the lipstick looks way more vibrant, it also stays on forever because Candy Yum-Yum is a matte. You can also create an ombĂ© lip with these colours.

In this picture I got creative. I used Rebel as a base, applied 04 from Rimmel's Kate Moss range on the outer parts and I dabbed on Candy Yum-Yum in the center parts. 

I'm very pleased with this purchase. I showed it to the friend who gave me the gift card and she loved it. She's a blonde and it looks great on her as well. It's an amazing shade. 

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