I've been looking for a liquid highlighter for a long time now. I considered Benefit's High Beam and even though it's a really good product, I just can't justify spending that much money on it and I just feel like you can a similar product for less. I was right.
Last week I stumbled upon the NYX display and I found the Born to Glow liquid illuminator. It comes in two colours, Sunbeam and Gleam. Sunbeam is a shimmery white colour (most similar to Benefit's High Beam) and Gleam is a pinkish bronze colour. I swatched both and Gleam definitely made me look like your glamorous divorced aunt who lives in Florida and smokes way too much. I went with Sunbeam.

The formula is really good, not too runny, not too opaque. It blends really nice into your foundation as well. To be honest, I prefer this packaging to the Benefit one (which looks like a nail varnish pot) because a) there's no brush in the product, which makes it more hygenic and b) it's really easy to dose so you never overuse product.
My main issue with budget highlighters is that they often contain glitter instead of shimmer. This one doesn't! It gives you that nice glowy, dewy look.

I can truly not think of anything I dislike about this product. It's €8,45 in The Netherlands and you get 18ml. If you're a Douglas cardholder like me, you'll even get 10% off.

Have you tried this? What are your other NYX favourites?

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