About every month my roots show up and it's time to dye my hair again. For two years I've been dyeing it black. Right now I just feel like I need a change, and I feel it's time to let go of the black.
Even though this scares me a lot, I'm going to do it! Black hair is such a trademark and I've been inspired by a few women with black hair. I decided to channel most of them before I let go of my beloved black hair.

The first lady who inspired me with her luscious black locks was Alison Mosshart. She's a singer and musician in the band The Kills (along with Jamie Hince, who's married to Kate Moss) and in The Dead Weather (with Jack White). My seventeen-year-old self was obsessed with her. She is super stylish and badass. For a long time she's had black hair, then she went black with pink on top, then pink and right now she's blonde. 

Of course for this look I'm taking inspiration from her black haired-era and for a while she's sported pink eyebrows. I thought this was the perfect mix of awesome and badass, so I had to try this!

clash magazine, not my photo. 
Alison's make up is very, very easy. She always wears winged eyeliner and that's about it. Why bother with highlighting and contouring like a Kardashian when you're in two bands at the same time and also a little busy with sitting front row at fashion week, ain't nobody got time for that! That made this look very easy. 

products used: NYX Jumbo eye pencil, Rimmel eyeliner, Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, Sleek i-Divine iCandy palette, lip balm, MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara. 

I started with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and applied it all over my eyebrows. I mixed some foundation with moisturizer and applied it all over my face, I hided some blemishes with a little more foundation. Back to the brows, I applied Strawberry Sherbet - a matte hot pink eyeshadow - from Sleek's i-Divine iCandy palette all over my eyebrows using an angled brush. 

oh wow

Alison always wears a messy cat eye type of situation on her eyes. I didn't bother with primers and all because she probably wouldn't either. I just drew a line on my eyelids and I winged it out. Then I applied mascara, and to make it more rock 'n' roll, I blinked a couple times while it's still wet. Smudge out the excess mascara that's now under your eyes and you're done.

so rock 'n' roll!
My hair looked pretty cute when I woke up so I only straightened my bangs and I just ran my hands through. You're not a rockstar if you own a hairbrush! 

I really had fun with this look! I did a couple more black haired badass ladies, so stay tuned if you're interested! Now, do you think I can pull of black eyebrows or is that just me?

ps; A few days ago I reached 100 followers on Bloglovin' awesome! I appreciate every single one of you and the fact that people are reading my beauty adventures is unbelievable! Thank you all! 

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