American Hustle Rosalyn inspired look

The other day I finally watched American Hustle. I swooned over everything Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were wearing (the hair! boob dresses! big piles of lip gloss! fur coats! sparkly dresses!).
Today I decided to channel Rosalyn Rosenfeld, Jennifer Lawrence's character. No worries, there are no spoilers this post.

'She was the Picasso of passive-agressive karate' source

Products used;  Urban Decay Primer Potion, MaxFactor CC cream in 50 Natural, Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Maybelline eyeshadow quad (nameless), NYX Liquid Illuminator, MAC Lickable lipstick, Rimmel Stay Matte powder, Beauty UK bronzer, Catrice eyeshadow in Bring Me Frosted Cake, Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess luminous liquid bronzer, Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in 02, Catrice blush in 040 Think Pink, Flormar Perfect Lip Gloss in P802, Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 110 Keep A Secret,  MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara.
From the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette: Smokeout, Shellshock, Voodoo and Poison.


I started off creating a base using Primer Potion. I applied a matte off white eyeshadow on my brow bone and I filled in my eyebrows. On the moving lid I applied a shimmery grey -Poison, Vice 2- all over my moving lid and I blended it pretty high into my crease. I imagined where my eyeliner wing was going to be and I applied eyeshadow in a cat-eye shape (this will help you later on, if you have trouble applying eyeliner). Next, I took a darker smokey grey eyeshadow -Smokeout, Vice 2- and I drew that on as if it's my eyeliner. I blended that really well. Now you have a smokey base. To create a more intense look I applied black liquid eyeliner as well. I personally wanted more shimmer so I took a teeny tiny bit of silver eyeshadow -Shellshock, Vice 2- and I applied it on the moving lid. I wasn't really sure what Rosalyn was wearing under her eyes, some lightning says it's black eyeshadow, some says it's more dark purple. I used both, just to be sure. I lined my bottom waterlines using black eyeliner and I applied a dark purple eyeshadow -Voodoo, Vice 2- on the outside corners of the lower lash line. I also took a little bit of bronzer and softly took that through my crease using a blending brush. This is a trick I just keep doing, I just really like how it looks.
I finished everything off with mascara on top and bottom lashes.


I went for a pretty high coverage foundation to create that flawless skin Rosalyn has. Smoking and drinking heavily does definitely not affect her skin. I applied primer and on top I used MaxFactor CC cream. I may have said this before but this is more of a high coverage foundation than it is a cream in any sort of way. I applied concealer in a triangular shape under my eyes and I buffed that in. On the inside corners of my eyes I applied concealer as well, to fake my way to almond shaped eyes. On the cheekbones I applied liquid highlighter and below the cheekbones I used liquid bronzer to create a rich glow. I powdered the T-zone and I applied blusher on the outside of my cheeks (I wanted my face to look rounder) and I went back in with some powder bronzer. Also, I contoured my nose a little bit using a medium brown eyeshadow. 


Rosalyn is definitely wearing a ton of lip gloss. I wasn't too sure about the color because, again, lightning. I went for a not too bright fuchsia pink lipstick -Lickable, MAC- and on top I applied two glosses; a pink shimmery one -Rimmel- and a super sparkly one -Flormar-. First I applied the pink shimmery gloss all over my lips and on the middle part of the lips I wanted more glitter, so I applied more sparkly gloss there.


I was sort of let down by the amount of Rosalyn Rosenfeld 'hustle hair' tutorials on Youtube. There wasn't a single one that was helpful! I think I have too much hair for this anyway, but I gave it a try. I first teased my hair back and I created a small beehive. I curled the rest of my hair and I just grabbed it all and with the other hand I started pinning in bobby pins until it stayed up. Because I have bangs, I couldn't do that curl-pinned-back thing she has going on with hers so I didn't bother doing that.

I enjoyed doing this look so much. I'm so crazy about Rosalyn's hair, I wish I knew the proper way to achieve this but I might just practice until I get it. I thought American Hustle was brilliant. I especially liked the female characters and the whole aesthetic of that era. I wanted to give Amy Adams' character a try as well but I don't own any floppy hats or boob dresses so I might have to improvise on that one.

Have you seen American Hustle? 

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