As I am typing this it's 20 degrees Celsius outside so it's a bit logical that I am totally feeling spring vibes! A few days ago I received a yellow nail varnish from my coworkers (more about that soon) so I really wanted to use that. What do you use yellow nail varnish for? DAISIES! Nothing is more spring than florals right?

  • Barry M nail art pen in black and in white
  • Etos Long Lasting nail polish in yellow
  • L'oréal Color Riche Le Vernis in Shocking Pink
  • L'oréal Color Riche Le Vernis in French Reviera
  • a dotting tool
This is actually super easy. You just paint your nails in a colour of your choice. I chose to do two different colours. Second you draw the dots that are the center part of the flowers. I drew those on white at first so the yellow would show up. If you're using a high quality yellow nail varnish, you can just draw those on without the white base. The leaves are just dots around the 'center dot'. You can use a dotting tool to do this if you don't own nail art pens. Using a black nail art pen I drew on smalls stripes on the inner corner of the leaves. You can use a toothpick or a nail art brush to do this too. Then I drew on the yellow dots. 
For nail art, I always wait a couple hours before I add a top coat. The dots take a long time to dry and if you add top coat before it's completely dry everything can bleed out and it becomes a mess. 

A lot of people say they're bad at nail art, even if they want to try it! If you don't want to do it because you don't have the patience, fine. I just want to say that this is super easy. Those nail art pens make life easier as well. I'm so bad at doing my dominant hand but the pens are so much easier to use than a brush! Just believe me when I say almost anyone can make daisies! You can't really make mistakes. Nothing has to be perfect, it's nature (imagine this in a Bob Ross voice).


Are you still doing nail art or do you believe that nail art is over? 

Ps: I forgot to mention this in my last few posts but the loveley Samantha from Nashbag.co.uk listed me as one of her favourites! I'm so honoured! :) 

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