Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Iridescent Red review

The final item I bought in Paris was the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner. I had been looking for a red eyeliner for such a long time. I think my obsession started when I saw NikkieTutorials using it, along with some other people on instagram.

The packaging is really no different from any eyeliner. It comes with a very precise tip. I like that because you can draw very thin lines. Especially with all the fun colours this eyeliner comes in, it's nice because it just makes it more versatile and easy to use.

The product really lives up to its name, it's very hard to take off. It will survive rain, sweat and all that jazz. Also important: it stays vibrant during the day so you will not look like you've been crying after a few hours. 

 Coloured eyeliner is such an easy way to change up your everyday look, red is no exception. I haven't really tried using it in an eyelook but I definitely will somewhere in the future. For now I've just been wearing it along with a soft defined crease and with some gold or silver eyeshadow in the inner corner. Reds and pinks can be dangerous colours for your eyes, because when applied wrong it can make your eyes look infected. I've found that using lots of mascara and a white/nude eyepencil on the lower lashline makes it look perfectly normal. I've also received compliments about it and people said it 'doesn't really look that different from normal eyeliner.. just red'. I don't think it looks really weird either, it's not even that noticable when you're standing far away. It just gives a fun twist to your eyeliner.

To pull this off I went very soft on the blush and stayed away from red blushers. I like to wear a very muted red on my lips along with the eyeliner, I think it makes it stand out more.

On my lips I'm wearing Catrice Pure Shine Lip Balm in 050 Cherry-ty.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend these and I kind of want all the colours the Aqua Liner comes in. They also had a bright fuchsia pink which I think I could totally pull off. The only downside about this eyeliner is the price, €20 is quite a lot for a single eyeliner. I would say that I couldn't justify spending that much on one single eyeliner, however, I searched all over the internet and until now I haven't found any other brand that carries these colours.

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