Just kidding! Yesterday I had my hair coloured. After having black hair for nearly three years I decided to change it up. My natural colour is very dark brown, it's so close to actual black that I only used 3% bleach every time. My hair also is very thick, and there's a lot of it. That's why my hair was in very good state when I turned myself in at the salon. They agreed that it would be a tough job, but that it's definitely not impossible. I asked for a non-red brown with a soft ombré. I didn't want it to be exactly one colour because that can make it look like a wig and also, because I'm easily bored. The whole job of bleaching/decolouring, dyeing, highlighting and blow drying took about two and a half hours. Fun fact: the whole time I had two stylists by my side, one working on my left side and one working on my right side. Just because I have that much hair.

Taking pictures of all my hair is. so. hard. Why do I have so much hair?!

And this is how it turned out! Not kidding this time. I'm very pleased with it. It's such a relief because now whenever I feel like doing something to my hair, I can do it again. I'm really looking forward to all the things I'll be able to do. I'll probably put in some highlights when I get bored.. or purple or something. I'm definitely not used to this hair colour (yet) but I feel like this is a good thing. I'm also so curious about other make up looks I can do because black hair can make things look a little bit harsh. My hair does look a little red in the picture above, but that's how it looks in sunlight. I'm okay with this. In natural light it's dark brown. The only thing I'm a little bit bummed about is how painful the whole thing was. Laying upside down in the sink chair with wet hair was pretty painful. I thought my head was going to fall of my neck by the time we were done.

So shine. Much hair. Wow.

Do you like how my hair turned out? Have you ever been physically hurt by a salon chair?

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