I'm a huge fan of Catrice and Essence cosmetics. Both brands are very budget and over the past year they've really stepped up their game. I'm a huge fan of Catrice blushes, I own two - a hot pink and an off red one - and I think they're really great. Out of all the blushes I own, I use those two the most. They're super pigmented, matte and only €3,99. When I was at the Dutch drugstore Kruidvat the other day, I picked up this Essence blush up! blush in 10 Heat Wave.

is it just me or is the orange part way bigger?!
What I really liked about this blush is the ombré effect, so for the small price of €3,59 you'll get three colours. I chose this one because I don't own any orange blushes and I love bright colours. I thought it'd be perfect for the summer. The texture is just as good as the Catrice ones I own, it's smooth and pigmented. 

I think the idea of an ombré blush is brilliant, especially for a budget brand. I could have done without the 'WOW' on the packaging, but maybe that's just me. I also like that the cap is well attached to the bottom part of the blush because I hate it when things break and I'm clumsy like that so my products fall all the time. I can't think of any other complaints I have about this! This blush also comes in a light to dark pink ombré but I own a light pink blush and it looks awful on me. 

Are there any other new products from Essence (or Catrice) that I *must* try?

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