The second item I bought at Sephora in Paris is one of the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows. I was in awe when I saw them 'in real life'. I don't even know when I got to the point of getting really excited about seeing cosmetics 'in real life'. Anyway, I swatched them all and they were so gorgeous! So glittery! I was really fond of two shades in particular; Moonspoon -a grey based colour with a silver 3D like glitter effect- and Zodiac -a smoked black with yellow, green and blue microglitter which gives a duochrome effect-. Both shades were too gorgeous and I almost bought Zodiac, but I went for Moonspoon because I thought I would get more use out if it. The minute cash starts coming in again I'm buying Zodiac though!

The Moondust eyeshadows come in a small pot, which you can put into the Urban Decay Build Your Own palettes. Unfortunately I don't own any.
The consistency of this eyeshadow is great, it's creamy and smooth and you can't really feel the glitter. These eyeshadows can be used either dry or wet, although I would go for wet since they fall out like crazy! I'm not too bothered by the fall-out though, these eyeshadows have such good colour and glitter pay off that there's still enough on your eyelids. I would recommend doing your eyes first with these kind of eyeshadows though.

What I loved about this colour when I swatched it at Sephora is that it looks wet, if you know what I mean. I thought you could apply this on top of other colours as well, which would make it more versatile then Zodiac (do you notice how I'm trying to justify not buying Zodiac? me neither). Glitter is always so hard to capture, but this eyeshadow was so sparkly that my camera couldn't even get into focus!

The Moondust eyeshadows were devoloped as an 'adult glitter'. I love how it worked out, these eyeshadows don't compare to any other eyeshadows! The glitter really has a 3D effect, it's amazing for a glitter fanatic like me!
I used them in a look today. I applied the Moondust eyeshadow in a triangular shape on my mobile lid. The other colours I used are Dope, Smokeout, Lovesick and Potion from Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette.

I'm wearing Sleek Pout Paint in Mauve Over on my lips.

I have to say that my camera isn't the best of all and that the glitter pay off in real life is so much better! Glitter is always hard to capture, isn't it!

Do you own any of the Moondust eyeshadows? Are you a fan of (adult) glitter?

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