Beauty and the F word

Feminism and the beauty industry are two things that don't exactly go hand in hand. I've been having a lot of thoughts about this subject lately and I wanted to share them.

Madonna recently posted this to her instagram - and people got very upset about it.

What is feminism? 

There are a lot of definitions of feminism but I think above quote sums it up pretty well.

Why are you a feminist?

 I identify as a feminist, or I need feminism because of a lot of reasons:
  • One in 3 women has been or will ever be a victim of abuse.
  • Heart diseases are the number one cause of death, for women it's men.
  • The gender pay gap, where women of colour get paid almost 50% less then white men.
  • 60 million girls worldwide do not have access to education.
  • Abortion and same-sex marriage are still illegal in most parts of the world.
  • 96.8% of European boardroom chairs are men (51.2% of the European population is female).
  • Men get praised for sleeping around, girls get called 'sluts'.
  • The song Blurred Lines
  • When I Googled "I need feminism because" all the search results on the first page were men's rights activists blogs.
 I could go on forever but I think my point is clear.

Great, you're a feminist. What does this have to do with beauty?

There are multiple things to think about. From a young age girls are brought up to think that being pretty is the most important thing. Being pretty for the boys, if we're being more clear (because marriage is the most important part). Girls are brought up thinking they should be prettier than other girls.

The beauty industry is a billion dollar business, making money of telling women they're ugly. Making money off insecurities, insecurities they made up along with the ridiculous beauty standards they made up. Feminism is an A+ marketing as it turns out, remember those "feminist" commercials for body lotion? That same company owns the brand that sells skin bleaching creams in Asia. Making money off insecurities again, right?  They also came with with the term "Real Woman". This creates an unwanted competition, as if we women should compete against each other about who's more of a woman. If you identify as a woman you are a real woman! A real woman does not have to have long hair, big breasts, curves, thighs or even a vagina. And as a petite lady I also find it pretty offensive that commercials tell me that I'm not a real woman because I wear clothes in small sizes.
And I already mentioned the lack of diversity/racist beauty standards in a previous post.

Then why the hell are you in the beauty game if you're so against it?

I'm not against the entire beauty industry. Of course not. But there are definitely some problematic issues about it, like there are problematic things about almost everything. There is nothing wrong with enjoying something that's problematic as long as you acknowledge it being problematic. I also believe that there definitely is progress and that things were worse in the past. I just wished the beauty industry would start advertising positively instead of pointing out insecurities.

There are also so many wonderful things about the beauty industry, and beauty in general. I love being able to express myself through extreme amounts of glitter and lipstick! For me, beauty is all about expressing myself. I don't think I'm ugly without make up, I know I don't need make up. I don't think anyone needs make up, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If you don't want to use make up, then don't. If you don't want to shave your [insert body part] then don't! If you identify as male and you want to use make up, go for it! (I believe that make-up and wearing make-up is gender neutral anyway) If you feel insecure without your eyebrows drawn on, then draw 'em on! You get my point, right?

I just like myself with make up, I like applying make up to my face, I love writing about my favourite products. It's wonderful, for me make up is about empowerment. An act of feminism. This is why I got into beauty in the first place, my make up routine would be a lot different if I'd be wearing it for the pleasure of men. This is why I won't do any "date night looks" or anything like that. It's fine if you do, really. For me beauty is for myself and only myself, if I go on a date with someone I'd like to look like me and just wear something I like. I wouldn't present myself as anything I'm not, I'm not going to stop wearing eyeliner just because it might be unattractive.

source: tumblr

Bottom line is liking make up or "girly things" in general, does not make me less of a feminist. I like living with the idea that I don't have to present myself as a man to be treated equally. I wear make-up because I want to and I hope other people do too.

This post has been on my mind for a long time. I really wanted to get this off my chest, I hope I didn't offend anyone. If you are, leave a comment and I'd happily explain you anything. If you have any other questions or comments, just drop them below.

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