Festival Beauty 101

This weekend Coachella is being held, and therefore the festival season has begun. I've had my fair share of festivals. I've been a frequent festival-goer since the age of nineteen. Around the festival season a lot of magazines write their festival tips, musts, do's and don'ts. Here are mine.

Sixteen-year-old me enjoying life at Rock Werchter 2011

Wear sunscreen

I can not emphasize enough how important sunscreen is. Even if the weather forecast tells you it's gonna be rainy, bring sunscreen. Sunburns hurt and they are dangerous. You're most likely in an open field when you're at a festival, your head will most likely face the stage. There's a 98% chance that you will burn your neck. And of course you should be wearing sunscreen every day but I felt like I needed to mention it again.

Bring a hat

I've been to festivals in immense heat. A hat, whether it's a cool floppy hat or a snapback, can prevent heatstrokes. You don't want to miss out on the headliner because you're at first aid with a heatstroke. It's also nice to bring one for when it's raining! Also, they're great to cover up bad hair days (your hair will look bad).

Don't bring your most precious make up

You're camping in a small tent along with 80.000 others. Things will get lost, people will get drunk, people will fall on your tent, it's either a billion degrees or it's raining like hell, these are all not great conditions to bring your most precious products. I'm not bringing my LV suitcase to the campsite either, think twice about everything you bring. Is it replaceable? Bring it. Is it a discontinued, fragile *expensive brand name* eyeshadow quad? Don't bring it. 
On the subject of brushes; campsites are either muddy or very dusty. Is this a condition you want to bring a full make up belt of brushes? You can answer this yourself. 

Bring sunglasses

Literally every time I go to a festival with my friends, at least one of them forgets theirs. It's not a big deal because you easily buy a pair at the festival site. I lose my shades all the time, therefore I don't think it's a good idea to bring my Ray Bans. I have a huge collection of funky sunglasses and festivals are the perfect place to wear them. Another pro of funky sunglasses: no need of eye make up.

Beauty hack: wear the biggest sunglasses you can find

Make sure your bag/tent/life is waterproof

Nothing is worse than having all your stuff wet. If it's raining, wear your bag UNDER your plastic cape (bring those! they're 50 cents in stores and about ten times more expensive at the festival). Last summer I was camping at a festival and my tent got damp every morning. I don't know how, but I went to sleep in a dry tent and woke up in a damp tent in a damp sleeping bag. Literally the worst way to wake up!
There's also no point to applying anything if it isn't waterproof. If it's not raining, you're in a sweaty crowd. Make sure your sunscreen is waterproof and wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Even if it's harder to remove, you can just apply more and smudge it the next day for a cool rock and roll look. 

Dry shampoo is your best friend

I always think there's a better way to spend my time at a festival than to wait in line for 30 minutes for a shower. Which you paid for. I usually just wash myself in the sink or I let my friends 'shower' me with water bottles. Cold showers are good for you, right! When you're too lazy to wash your hair, or the line is too long, OR your campsite is out of water (that happens), it's nice to at least get the grease out of your hair. I always wear my hair up anyway because my hair is long and thick and it's way too hot to wear my hair down. Every summer I contemplate shaving my head because it's so hot. Braids are also great because you can easily wear them for multiple days and they keep the hair out of your face in the best way possible. Also, it's fashionable.
Same goes for baby wipes. You can use those for everything and your friends and campsite neighbours will probably thank you for bringing them.

Don't wear lipstick

I'd go for a tinted lipbalm max. It's probably hot at the festival and you're just busy to keep yourself hydrated. Lipstick needs touching up and you probably don't have time for it, and when you do, your lipstick gets all dusty and gross. I wouldn't even bring lipstick because I'd be afraid for it to melt. 

Go crazy!

Festivals are great places to make statements and to wear things you wouldn't wear to work. Have fun, go for you flower crown, paint yourself in glitter (even though you might regret that the next day, but our Canadian friend Drake once spoke the wise words 'YOLO') Really, do something fun if you want to. People won't laugh at you, that's the great thing about festivals. It's all peace and joy.

Hot pink eyeshadow and gold glitter everywhere make a cute and fun festival look. I applied everything (except for the brows) with my fingers.

Looks are not the most important thing

As opposed to a lot of women's magazines claim, it's true. Coming from a super vain person like me, it's really true. You're there to enjoy yourself. There's a 99% your looks will be ruined within the first day and that's ok. Deal with it. Don't worry about it. Everything will be fine. You're having fun.
Of course we only see the celebrities at festivals. Those people most likely stay at hotels, and probably only for a day. They have a professional team for their looks. It's not realistic. A wise queen once spoke the words 'Let it Go'. I suggest you do. 

Pack smart

Festivals most often include a lot of travelling. This means you have to carry all your belongings (unless you're one of those people that gets paid $20,000 to go to the festival) yourself. Be smart about packing, plan your outfits and make up looks at home. If you're with a group of friends, you can always borrow each others' stuff. 

An example of what my make up bag would look like. A fun glitter palette, basics, glitter eyeliner and an eyeshadow duo that wouldn't break my heart if I lost it. I only cheated on the eyebrow part because MUFE's Aquabrow is the best thing in the world and only the Aquabrow stays on in immense heat/rain. You can mix your foundation with your sunscreen to get a tinted moisturizer and you can conceal spots using more foundation, so you don't need to bring concealer.

Some more basic non-beauty festival tips: 
  • Bring earplugs
  • Bring band-aids and paracetamol. You're wasting so much time if you have to go to first aid for a band-aid!
  • If you're a backpack wearer; don't put anything important in the front pocket.
  • Bring duck tape
  • Bring handkerchiefs and antibacterial gel. Festival toilets are gross.
  • Never set up your tent in a pit. Obviously. 
  • Wellies are ONLY necessary when you're expecting to go knee-deep in mud. If not, they will be highly uncomfortable and you have to prepare for getting beer in your boots.
  • Wear glitter nail varnish. Because it's super festive but also because it's impossible to get off. 
  • Don't wear sandals. At least not at the actual festival site. Crowds can be crazy and people will stand on your feet all the time. Broken toes are not cute.
  • Wear layers. For obvious reasons. 
  • Please don't wear a bindi as a fashion statement. 

I hope these tips were a bit helpful! I always loved going to festivals. This year I'm not going to any festivals, which is totally fine by me. 

Are you going to any festivals this year? I'd love to hear about it!

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