How to pull of bright colours

Everyone knows I love wearing bright colours of lipstick and eyeshadow. It's no secret that I'm definitely not a nude girl. A lot of people tell me "I like what you're wearing - but it's just not something that I could pull off." I think that's a complete myth. No one looks bad in red lipstick. Colour is for everyone. I'll share some of my tips.

Trial your look

Of course it's scary for you (or even for me!) to wear something you've never worn before outside. When I'm feeling insecure about a new look, let's say purple lipstick, I'll wear it at home for a while just to get comfortable with my face in the mirror (and the front-camera of my phone). Once I feel comfortable in my purple lips, I wear them outside. 

Wear it with something you often wear

For example, you bought a bright neon pink lipstick and you feel a little bit insecure about it. To make yourself feel comfortable again, wear a simple cat-eye on the eyes if that's your staple look. If you don't wear a lot of make up, but you would like to try red lips once, just put it on. Don't overdo it on the eyes, because that's not your basic look, and the red lips will be enough for you. 
If you have never worn bright eyeshadow before and you would like to try it, go for it! If you feel a little insecure about all the colour going on, just tone it down on the rest on your face.
I'm not saying that you have to tone down every single look, I love bright and colourful looks on everyone, but it's a great way to start wearing bright colours.


This one is of course the most important one. Once you've trialed your look and you want to start wearing it out. Wear the hell out of it! The only thing you need to do to "pull off" your look, is to look confident in your look. Just believe in yourself, I'm sure you look amazing.
If there are people making fun of you, just tell them to shut up. It's incredibly rude to make comments about someones looks if the person hasn't asked for it. 

I hope this was inspiring or helpful for anyone. I always love people who look different everyday and people who try something new. Just dare to do it! It's not that hard, it's not permanent. 

Are you a colour-loving person? What are your favourite ways to wear bright colours?

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