How I ombréd my ombré

About two months ago I went from having pitch black hair to a dark brown colour with a soft ombré. When I say soft I mean barely there. It did lit up a little bit over time but I just wanted more ombré.
Funny story, I used to hate ombré hair! Mostly the badly done DIY dip-dye type of ombré though. When I got my ombré done I completely understood the hype; it's easily achievable and easy to maintain. Also, very easy to do yourself.

I think that sometimes I still have to get used to the fact that I have to document these types of journeys because I have a blog. I'm very sorry but I didn't take any pictures during the process but it was very easy and I'll talk you through it.

The first round I used this drugstore bleach. I divided my hair into two pigtails and just roughly distributed the bleach around my ends. Here is a very professional drawing how I distributed the bleach:

Obviously I'm a professional
When I applied the bleach, I put my pigtails in sandwich bags, so I didn't get bleach everywhere and I could monitor the progress. I left it on for the full 45 minutes and I rinsed it out. It definitely lit up about 4-6 shades like the box promised me, but I still wanted my hair to be lighter. I didn't leave the bleach on longer because it's better for your hair to bleach twice than to leave the bleach on for too long. You will risk frying your hair. After this, I pampered my hair with lots of serum and hair masks and a few days later I was ready for round two.

As an attempt of saving money, I bought bleaching powder and decided to make my own bleaching mixture for the second round. Ideally I would have use 9%/30vol developer, but I didn't have any laying around. This was last Thursday around 10pm so stores were closed and I'm impatient so I just used the 6%/20vol developer.

I eyeballed the proportions a little bit because I was too lazy to get a tablespoon, the label on the bleaching powder said to use around 2-3 tablespoons, so I just put that into a plastic bowl with 2-3 tablespoons developer. This mixture was way thicker than the drugstore mixture, making it easier to apply. I just did the pigtail trick and wrapped them in plastic bags. I left this on for about 45 minutes and I rinsed it.

I didn't use any toners afterwards because it didn't really look brassy at all and I used blue bleach, which fights the redness anyway.

 And it turned out like this! I really like it! I think bleaching twice was a smart move, because you can never apply it the exact same way the second time, which will give you a more natural effect. I was definitely scared to fry my hair at first but it all worked out fine! I knew that my hair probably wouldn't burn off anyway because I have super thick hair, and lots of it! My hair does feel a little bit drier than before but nothing too bad.
If you're scared to bleach your hair, it's not that scary at all! You can monitor the progress and when you think it's going too light just rinse it out. It's a lot of fun too, I still want to bleach it again on the ends but I'll let my hair recover for a little while.

Have you ever bleached your own hair? Do you think ombré is still a thing?

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