Red eyes, glowy skin FOTD

I've only posted about my red eyeliner once and I also promised that I'd do a look with it. It might have taken a while but I have come up with a more creative look.

I obviously wanted the red eyeliner to be the most prominent feature of the look. I started with the idea of a) red eyes and 2) good skin. I often do my skin last when I'm doing a look. I like to start with the eyes or the lips - depending on what's going to be the most prominent feature that day - and go from there. Some looks can look like 'too much' when you're wearing a b*ttload of bronzer and some looks can really benefit from that (in my opinion at least).

For the eyes I used my Zoeva 88 palette. Just between us, buying that Zoeva 88 palette might have been a massive mistake when it comes to blogging. I've been using it every day and it might get annoying at some point. It's just that it has every colour you'll need and I like to start with that palette to really map out the colours and from there I add other colours. For example, the other day I did a pink/purple/blue gradient (I'm going to post that but it's already on my instagram if you're interested) and I made perfectly fine gradient but it was just too boring for my liking. I needed glitter or duochrome or anything to really sparkle it up. That's where the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette comes in. That's really how I work right now, I start with a coloured base and add whatever I think is necessary.

Anyway back to the subject, I started with a ashy brown matte shade in the crease and I added some lighter browns and I blended that all upwards to create a darker, sultry but "open" eye look. On the inner corners I used a shimmery white (Cream Soda, Sleek) and I created a cat-eye with my red eyeliner. On the lower lashline I created a red line parallel to the cat-eye using a red eyeshadow from my Zoeva palette. You could also use a lip liner for this, make sure to clean it before and after though. When I apply eyeshadow onto the lower lashline, I like to not take it all the way round. I create a straight line leaving gaps at the inner corner. Those gaps can be filled in with lighter eyeshadow to create the illusion of bigger eyes. I finished it off with lots of mascara and Primark Sultry Lashes, which I cut in half so I only have false lashes on my outer corners.

Flash photography to show my highlighting game. Focus on the highlighter - not on my weird looking hair.
For the skin I used MaxFactor CC Cream and I covered my blemishes with concealer. I contoured my face using my nameless Flormar palette and I highlighted using a white glitter pigment mixed with Elizabeth Eight Hour Cream. I came up with that idea the other day and it's so amazing. It makes you glow like no one's business and you can decide for yourself how glowy you want to be that day (just add more/less pigment). I also used some of my favourite bronzer, which is the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess liquid bronzer.

For the lips I used the only nude lipstick I own, Unity Cosmetics in Pink, and I added some Eight Hour Cream on top for a more glossy (but non shimmery) look. 

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