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Last Saturday were The Voice UK's semi-finals. I wrote about The Voice UK before and how I loved Sophie May (and others.. but they didn't make it through). Sophie May likes to look like she's about to head out to one of Jay Gatsby's parties. She teamed up with her coach Will.I.Am and I'm not sure how is mind works but one thing is for sure; Will is from the future. He came up with the idea to mix her 1920's style with his futuristic style, which is a brilliant move because it's two opposite things. She sang a new song (Lorde's Royals) and she gave it her own vintage twist. He called it #RETROFUTURISTIC. I strongly identify with this 'Retro Futuristic' style idea. I think it's brilliant.

 Of course I wanted to do a retro futuristic make up look as well. I noted the barely filled-in eyebrows, dark lips and smokey eye. This is what I decided to work with.


I started with my usual base - Primer Potion and Catrice's matte off white eyeshadow in Bring me Frosted Cake. I took out my Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette and I applied Voodoo in the outer V. On the moving lid I applied several colours; Shellshock in the inner 1/3rd of the moving lid, Betrayal on the 2/3rd and Voodoo was already on the third part. I blended everything very well, I really wanted the colours to 'flow' into each other. I defined my crease with a dark red eyeshadow from the L'oréal Color Riche Quad in Eau de Rose. I applied Toxic above Shellshock and blended that into the dark red. 
Because the look wasn't as purple as I wanted, I applied a vibrant matte purple shade on top of Voodoo and Betrayal. I also took the purple shades around my bottom lashline. On the inner rim I added some Gold eyeshadow. I lined my bottom waterline with a white eyeliner pencil and I applied black liquid liner to add some more definition to my look. I finished everything off with mascara and that was it.
For the brows, I only filled in the gaps using a ash-y light brown eyeshadow.


To stay in the purple theme here, I applied Rimmel's Kate 04 and I blotted it a few times on a tissue. On the inner part (where the lipstick has faded because of the blotting) I applied Topshop's Beguiled. Last week I talked about how I dislike that lipstick, I still do. It's impossible to work with. However, it was exactly the shade I wanted for this look. On the very middle part of the lips (top and bottom) I applied a little bit of Rimmel's Kate 15, I don't know if it's visible, I just really want to use that lipstick somehow because I've never used it.


I applied my favourite high coverage Flormar foundation, concealed the spots, applied a lot of highlighter around the cheekbones and on the cupid's bow. I finished everything off with some translucent powder. At this point I cheated a little bit on the rules, because I'm really bad at not wearing blush. I added the tiniest amount of hot pink blush, just for a little bit of colour on my face.


I made a very high sleek ponytail and I added some random braids. I twisted everything and pinned it into a bun.

The whole no-brow thing was definitely weird for me! I've had dark brows for ages but it's nice to change it up from time to time. The dark eyes + dark lips combo definitely looks less harsh if you tone it down on the brows. Sometimes trying new things can be good! I know I love trying new things, even though it looks terrible. 
It's a shame that Sophie May didn't make it to the finals but I really like Jermain too.

Who do you think is going to win The Voice Saturday?

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