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Spring has sprung and I'm definitely feeling colour these days! I dug up my Sleek i-Divine palette in i-Candy. I don't think I've ever made a blogpost about it but I guess that's because I've had it long before I started this blog.

Sorry - I've had it for so long so the palette looks a bit.. disheveled. 

The palette comes with one of those plastic overlays which has the names on it. Of course I've already thrown that out because what are we even supposed to do with those things? I like always like Sleek's packaging. It's very.. sleek. The palettes have a large mirror inside and they're very flat, making them very easy to bring on holiday.. or to a festival! 

Sleek's pigmentation is very often on point, some of their lighter matte shades lack a little bit. However, I'm very pleased with every single colour in this palette. They're all spot-on pigmented and I like the variety of matte shades and shimmery shades. 

Today I created an eye look with this palette. I'm wearing Bon Bon as a base colour on the moving lid, Strawberry Sherbet in the crease, Aniseed in the outer V. On the lower lashline I applied Pear Drop and Mint Cream. I applied Cream Soda as a highlighter in the inner corner. On the inner corner of the lower lashline I applied some silver glitter eyeliner. I finished everything with a black cat-eye and several coats of mascara.

 I think this palette is a great palette for summer, or if you want to start wearing colours. There is a great variety of shades and finishes and all colours work well together. You really can't go wrong!

What are your favourite summer palettes?

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