Spring eyelook #1

I saw a fun challenge on Instagram by Benefit Netherlands. They're hosting a challenge with Nikkie from NikkieTutorials (who's only one of my favourite Youtubers ever!) and you have to upload your favourite spring make up look for a chance to win €300 worth of Benefit products. This would be a fun challenge!

I wanted to create a fun eyelook, just because I like going crazy on the eyes every once in a while. I used so many shades that I can't even describe them all! This is one of those looks where I just started with no clear image of what I wanted, and I just figured it all out on the go.
 I started with a lime green/purple gradient, because I think those colours are very spring and I like contrasting colours. I added some blue in the crease, some purple/gold glitter eyeshadow (MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Time To Tango) in the middle of the moving lid. In the inner corner I added a shimmery white and a gold eyeshadow. I also took out the Beauty UK pastels palette for some blending colours. I can't describe each and every shade here because that would take me forever! If you want to know anything, just leave a comment!

On the lips I kept it all very basic and I went for a nude-ish colour. I blended a couple shades to get the right colour and I added the lip gloss on top. 

Obviously I hope I win, but I just really like competitions and challenges! I like expressing my creativity through make up, I think that's the most fun part about it. 

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