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Dupes are definitely a hot topic in the beauty blogger scene. They have been since a long time. I can appreciate a good dupe, meaning a cheaper product that's very similar to (or inspired by) a more high end product. Think the NYX highlighter compared to the Benefit High Beam. Both brands are well known cosmetic brands. Then there's the other kind of dupes, counterfeit dupes. Those often come from China and they're blatant copies of high end cosmetics. They are available on the black market and many websites such as Ebay. I've always been very against those dupes and I wanted to share my thoughts and knowledge about those.

The Naked 3 palette has been the hottest palette in town since its release last December. A lot of people wanted it and it sold out almost immediately. After a month or so, the Ebay Dupes started to pop up. I've read a couple reviews about them and I always get a strange feeling when I read reviews about them. A Naked 3 palette for $10? Of course it's fake. However, still there are many people that decide to buy them. Please consider that you're putting it on your face. Counterfeit palettes don't go trough any quality inspection whatsoever. This means that the ingredients have not been tested and they might not be produced in a clean and hygienic area. Many eyeshadow "dupes" contain toxics, such as arsenic, even dangerous amounts of it. Also, glitter is always a tricky ingredient for eye shadows because a lot of glitter is not safe to use around the eye area. I've read stories about Ebay eye shadows that contained small amounts of glass instead of glitter. Using glitter that's not safe for the eye area can cause your cornea to shred, not cute. You'll need surgery for that. 

Not only the Naked palettes are often duped. A quick Ebay search will show you results for any high end make up brand. Benefit, Too Faced, MAC. You can get a dupe for anything and everything. All dupes contain cheaper ingredients, the real deal would be cheaper if they were to use lower quality ingredients and there's a reason why they don't do that. There are so many horror stories about rashes after using a counterfeit foundation or bronzer. I can only imagine what would happen if you were to use a fake They're Real mascara! Same goes for lipsticks, putting toxic ingredients on your lips can be super dangerous. 

There are tons of great things about Ebay. There really are, however, you can buy a poorly made t-shirt for a few Dollars and the worst thing that can happen is that it falls apart after wearing it twice. There is no harm in wearing a poorly made shirt. A cheap knock off Chanel perfume? Different story! There are cases of counterfeit perfumes that contained human urine

Most times it's pretty easy to tell if you're looking at a real or a counterfeit product:
  • The price. If it seems too good to be true, it often is.
  • Spelling. A lot of dupes don't even have proper spelling on them. 
  • Serial numbers
  • High end brands don't retail on Ebay. This means that even if your product seems real, it's been owned before and you don't know what happened to it. Always ask for receipts if you're looking to buy a pre-owned cosmetic product. You can always find a list of official retailers for the brand you're looking for.
  • Most high end brands have names for their products. A MAC lipstick in #1 does not exist. 
  • This is a good video on how to recognise a fake MAC product.

Personally, I don't think I need to own 62 different eyeshadow palettes. I am not a make up artist, I am a make up enthusiast. I like make up, but it's always for personal use. There's only so much you can use on one face. The beauty blogger scene is very obsessed with consumerism and I think it's just better to invest in a good product than to spend your money on toxic products just for the sake of posting a review. But this is all my personal opinion and if you want to schmear toxics on your face - I'm not going to stop you. I just wanted to inform the ones that didn't know. 

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