Is liquid liner over?

I recently stumbled upon the best thing on the internet, ever. (OK maybe except for that dog that can drive a car). I've found out that Teen Vogue did a collaboration with Sir John, who is Beyoncé's make up artist. He did a few tutorials on how he achieved most of her looks for the videos from her last visual album. I was so pleased when I found out about this, and also slightly upset because no one ever told me about it! So many of my questions have been answered. How to achieve the 'Mine' eyes? Solved. What's the lip colour from the 'No Angel' video? Solved. (it's actually two colours which both were on my wishlist already, ha!) 'Jealous' lips? Solved.

A few things I learnt from Sir John:

  • Sir John is an oldschool make up artist and doesn't like eye primers. As do a lot of other make up artists so I'm not surprised.
  • Beyoncé has overdrawn lips too.
  • The 'Mine' eyes are way easier than any YouTube tutorial made them seem. 
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is Sir John's 'holy grail' product too. 
  • Liquid eyeliner is over.
Say what?! Eyeliner is over?! YES. In the video that I posted above he said that you shouldn't use liquid liner on top of a smokey eye because it's dated. I kind of agree. A lot of people only wear liquid liner without anything else and 90% of the girls I know use it in their daily routine (me included). I don't even like having an everyday look and I definitely don't want to be in a rut! I didn't think I was until I realised that whatever I do, there's a 99% chance I'll throw on some liquid liner. I say, time for change. Let the liquid liner go

goodbye my friends

Of course this doesn't mean I'll throw out all my eyeliner. I just think that I should stop wearing it every day on top of everything because, I agree, it's dated. We've been doing it for years, time for something new. I can still go for a well executed cat-eye sometimes, but I'm also just kind of bored with it. Especially for editorial beauty. There's new things to try.

all pictures from my pinterest

Are you in a beauty-rut? What is your stance on liquid liner? 

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