L'Oréal Color Riche Liquid Lipstick 'Molto Mauve' review

This is honestly the longest title I've ever seen! I completely understand why they didn't write that novel onto the lipstick! Glad I got that off my chest, on to the review.

I've been curious about these lipsticks for a while now, I've read that they're produced in the same factory as the YSL lip stains and that they're pretty good dupes for that. I don't own any of the YSL ones so I can't compare the two. The other day our drugstore had a sale going on so I picked up this lipstick (or stain? we'll get to that later). I was hesitating between this colour and the fuchsia colour but I don't own any mauve lipsticks so I chose this one.

Justin Timberlake Mirrors joke. Or something like that. Don't mind my reflection.

The packaging looks really fancy to me. It's gold and the colour of the lipstick is on the side of the bullet. I personally think it does look fancy, it might look cheap to others but I really like this packaging. The plastic labels with the colours on them are also really useful because you don't have to read what colour is inside (MAC are you listening?). Because this is a so-called "liquid lipstick", it comes with a fluffy application wand on the inside, like lipgloss.

This brings us to the next subject; What is this product? Is it a lipstick, lip stain, liquid lipstick, gloss or some kind of hybrid? What are we talking about?
When applied, it looks like a lipstick to me. Pigmentation-wise, I'd say lipstick. Lasting power? Definitely not a lip stain. This product does not stain my lips at all. I'd not really discribe this as a lipstick either, simply because the packaging and the way you're supposed to apply it doesn't seem to fit the label 'lipstick' to me. Anyway, let's call it a hybrid.

I chose the colour 500 Molto Mauve, which is a lovely nude/dusty pink colour. I didn't notice this at first but there are teeny-tiny glitters in it as well. Pigmentation fine, you can easily build the colour if one coat doesn't suit your needs. I like that, it makes it more versatile. The application wand works fine for me, it gives you an even application and the lipstick glides very easily.

The texture is very nice and smooth and the product glides on like butter. The formula is very non-sticky as well. I know that's a big no-no for lip glosses, but this one doesn't stick. At all. Lasting power is okay, it stays on for a couple hours but you will have to reapply after meals. Personally I don't mind that, the packaging allows you to do quick touch-ups as it's so sleek and easy. I don't mind slipping this one into my bag. Unlike the OCC lip tars, you don't have to bring a brush for touch-ups.

The first thing I noticed when I applied this for the first time was the smell. Divine! I love it! I can't exactly point out what smell it is but it's something sweet and nice. If you are very sensitive for smells this might not be the right product for you. That would be a shame because it's a really good product.

All in all I'm really happy with this purchase. It's a beautiful colour and the texture is amazing. The finish of a gloss and the pigmentation of a lipstick is an amazing combination. The colour looks really nice as well, as I don't own anything like this. I would totally recommend these L'Oréal Color Riche L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks. However, I'd never be able to pronounce that right. That's the only bad thing I have to say about these.

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