How to purple your eyebrows

A few weeks ago I purpled my hair, I haven't posted proper pictures of it yet. I promise I will sometime but right now it's pretty washed out and I'm experimenting with washing it only once a week (instead of twice - I'll report back when I've figured out my new routine). Anyway, when I purpled my hair I started playing around with purple eyebrows and as it turned out, it's actually pretty wearable! It doesn't look too obnoxious and I've grown to like it a lot. The best part it that it only takes you a few minutes!

What you'll need:

  • Eyeshadow primer, mine is Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk 
  • A dark purple eyeshadow
  • A lighter purple eyeshadow
  • An angled brush
  • A spoolie
  • Concealer

For starters, prime your eyebrow (and eyelid when you're wearing eye makeup). You want to really work this through the eyebrows, make sure it gets everywhere and let it sit for a minute. Now, white out your entire eyebrow using the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. Don't worry about putting on too much - we'll fix that. Comb the product through your eyebrow with a spoolie. This will a) make your unaturally coloured eyebrow look more natural b) get rid of the excess product
If you want your coloured eyebrows less saturated, don't white them out. It will still be visible and it will look super rad in sunlight and daylight, I do this all the time too. As seen in the #selfie underneath. The colour shows up a little darker, but it's still very visible.

This was two weeks ago. RIP pink streaks. You'll be missed and you'll probably be back soon.

Take your darker purple eyeshadow and your angled brush and draw on the outer parts. I always use darker colours on my arch/outer parts because your eyebrows will look more neat and defined. You can also use one colour if you prefer that. Next, take your lighter purple eyeshadow and fill your eyebrow in. For the inner part, use what's left on your brush to give your inner parts a soft touch of colour. I always like to do some sort of an ombré eyebrow. You might not want to do this, it's all up to you. All eyebrows are different.

Take some concealer to clean up any mistakes you've made and you're done!

I did not wake up like dis

Boom! You're now a coloured eyebrow expect! This technique can obviously be used on whatever colour you want to fill in your eyebrows. I'm thinking gold! holographic! pink! teal! The options are endless. This would be a regular eyebrow routine if you skipped the whitening-out and if I used eyeshadow to fill my brows in (I don't). I am always about unconventional beauty, of any sort. I don't even think this is too unconventional, some people do. If you want to do this, don't worry about "pulling it off". I'm sure you look fantastic.

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