L'Oréal Touch of Light Highighting Pen review

The other day I purchased this highlighting pen. I've been using it for a while now, read more if you're curious what I think about it!

This Lumi Magique Touch Of Light Highlighting Pen reminds me of the iconic YSL Touche Éclat, a holy grail product for many people. I've never used the Touche Éclat so I can't compare the two.

The highlighting pen has a nice rose gold exterior that I like. It looks chique. On one side is a brush and you can twist the other end to dosage your product. The only thing I don't like about this is that I get confused sometimes because the cap (with the brush underneath) and the end with the twist-up thing look very much alike, so sometimes I pull the wrong end. That's not a big problem and it probably says more about me than about the product. Anyway, underneath the cap is a brush. I like the brush because it's very soft and I have no issues with it. The product comes out very sparingly so it doesn't get all gross either. The only complaint I have is that you can't clean the brush, but I knew that when I purchased this product.

Now onto the actual product. Notice how it isn't called a concealer? That's because it conceals very little. I pruchased this because I use a light concealer for highlighting and it's perfect for that. If you have dark circles under your eyes and want to conceal them, this might not be your product. The formula is very sheer but it has tiny light reflecting particles in it, that will make you look very fresh faced. It gives you a subtle shine. If I've had a rough night and I want to conceal my under-eye circles, I mix this with a concealer with more coverage.
In the next two pictures you can see that it's impossible to conceal a freckle with this product. However, it does leave a nice finish and you can see that it's very light reflecting. In my previous post I'm wearing this under my eyes if you want to see it in action. I always feel so silly because showing skin products on my face is so weird, "it's amazing you can't see it at all!!".

Have you tried this product? Are you a fan?

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