Pink/lilac eyes tutorial

Pink and purple are my favourite colours. I don't wear bright colours on my eyes as often as I like, mostly beause I'm lazy and I do nude eyes with bright lipstick in under ten minutes. This look is fairly easy to do as well and I wear it often. Read more for the full tutorial!

What I used:
  • Urban Decay Vice 2 palette: Coax (metallic pink), X-Rated (matte pastel pink), Habit (matte beige)
  • Pupa Milano Luminys Baked Eyeshadow in 23 (a shimmery lilac)
  • Flormar Love Connection Terracotta Eye Shadow in LC03 (a hot pink)
  • Maybelline Silk Glam by Eyestudio palette in 11 Purple Drama: a nameless shimmery white colour
  • Catrice eyeshadow in Bring Me Frosted Cake (a matte off-white). 

Some of these eyeshadows are hard to find but you can really use anything you like.
If you feel like you need to use an eyeshadow primer, do that first. To start, apply the matte pastel pink colour all over your mobile lid. This doesn't have to be neat at all, as long as you don't miss any spots. Apply the hot pink colour in the crease.

Blend your crease colour using a transition colour (the nude eyeshadow). Reapply the hot pink if you feel like that's necessary, you can have the hot pink as vibrant as you like. Apply a matte brow bone highlighter (mine is an off-white eyeshadow). 
Apply the metallic pink in the outer corner of the mobile lid and blend well, you don't want a harsh line where the metallic colour stops.

Use either a brush or your finger to apply the shimmery lilac colour. This eyeshadow of mine has a lot of glitter in it, don't worry about the fall-out. We'll get to that later. Apply it in your inner corners and blend it outwards. It doesn't matter if the glitter gets everywhere. To get the glitter more opaque and shimmery in the inner part of your eyelid, tap on some Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Don't smear it, just tap it and tap on some extra eyeshadow. Apply your shimmery white colour in the inner corners. Finish off with lots of mascara. The pink eyeshadow needs somewhat of a buffer, otherwise it can give you the dreaded 'sick eyes' look. Be generous with your mascara!

Clean up your fall-out and finish your face as desired. I slapped on some bronzer, blush, highlight and contour. For lips I chose a nude colour (Rimmel, Nude Delight) to make the eyes stand out more. 

Oh and surprise! I dyed my hair purple!

What are your favourite ways to wear pink eyeshadow?

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