Beyoncé Blow Tutorial

My week has been completely Beyoncé themed again. After she played one of her best shows (in my opinion.. and you're probably wrong if you disagree) ever at the VMA's and I'm completely obsessed again. One of the most #iconic looks from the self-titled album has to be the look in Blow. I've already copied her look from the Superpower video (in my very early days, it's a pretty emberrassing post..) and her own make up artist showed us how to do the look from the video Mine. Therefore I thought I'd tackle this eighties look.

I was actually just sitting at my desk and wondering what to do with my make up when I suddenly had the urge to do this look. I'd already filled in my eyebrows (but I think I'm going to do a tutorial on them soon so I can leave them out of every tutorial) and I was already wearing a base on my face consisting of a face primer, eye primer and a little foundation.

For the blue eyeshadow I opted for Madness from my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. I applied it all over my lid and blended it out with a little bit of the light blue colour from the Sleek palette on my brush. Just because I thougth Madness on its own was a little too dark and the colour from the Sleek palette was too matte for my liking.

       before & after blending
You want the blue to be more intense at the lashline. I used the darker blue from the Vice 2 palette, Prank and applied it to my upper lashline.
A little bit background information on the Vice 2 palette; I ADORE it but I've never used Prank. Everytime I swatch it, it looks amazing and it's a gorgeous dark blue with a green sheen/microglitter. Well, that amazingness doesn't translate to the eye. I don't know what it is with that colour but it doesn't look the same on the eyes. Long story short, I applied a bit of Madness on top because Prank was too dark.
I what was left on the brush to apply some blue to the lower lashline. Beyoncé is wearing blue all around so you can take that all up to the inner corner.

Unfortunately I don't own any blue pencils to line my waterline with so I had to do it with eyeshadow. This can be a little irritating but I did it anyway. First I applied a white kohl to my lower waterline and carefully tapped on some blue. Please don't put too much product on your brush if you're doing this because it will hurt.
Before you say something mean about my eyebrows, notice how FAST they grow

This was actually all there is to the blue part of the eyes. Simplicity is usually key in Beyoncé's look. I'm guessing because she's gorgeous anyway and she doesn't need much make up. To finish it off, I added a highlight to my inner corners (a shimmery white) and to my browbone (a matte off white). Beyoncé is definitely wearing fake lashes but I didn't have any that looked like hers so I decided to go without. I curled my lashes and coated them in lots of mascara, top and bottom.

  • Bonus step: In her video Beyoncé's eyes sometimes do look a little shiny. To achieve that shine you can dab on a tiny bit of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. This might make your eyeshadow budge easier and I wouldn't recommend this if you have oily lids or if you plan to wear this look all day/night.

To conceal dark spots and to "lift" the under eye area I used a concealer lighter than my complexion underneath the eyes. It really depends on your face shape how you apply it, I always go for triangles.

After blending the concealer out I set everything with powder. For blush I went for a matte hot pink because I thought it fit the eighties feel of this look. Blush can be hard to show up on camera because you usually don't want to go overboard with it. Especially if it's hot pink. I also did a little bit of contouring because I just like how it looks. If you don't feel like it, skip it.

I noticed that Beyoncé had this healthy glow going on (probably because she's God) and especially under her eyes. I've noticed under-eye highlighting for a while now, which seemed odd to me at first but I actually like how it looks now. For this area you don't want to use a heavy product, because the under eye area is very thin skin. After browsing my stash for a while I decided to go with L'Oréal's Lumi Magique Magic Base Primer. The product is marketed as a primer, and it does a nice job at it but it also lends itself as a perfect highlighter. The consistency is nice and thin and it has a very light white shimmer to it. I applied it under my eyes and blended it out. For the rest of my face I used my NARS Copacabana highlighter.

Now on to the lips, in some shots Beyoncé's shimmery glossy lips looked more orange and in other ones they looked red. I still haven't figured out what lip colour she's wearing but after a quick swatch I decided to go with Rimmel's In Love With Ginger

Rimmel's In love with Ginger & Mac Red, both with the lip gloss on top.

First I used a lip liner in a colour similar to the lipstick and drew my lips on a little bigger. There's no shame in this, Beyoncé does it too! I applied the lipstick on top and added lipgloss. The one I'm using is from Flormar and it has really nice pink and blue micro shimmer. I thought it was perfect for this look.

Make sure you get your lip lines as clean as possible when you're doing statement lips.

And that concludes my Beyoncé Blow look! I don't think I'll wear this one out and about every day. I'm just not a big fan of blue eyeshadow but I've always wanted to try this look! The eyes and the lips together might be a little too much for me. But I'm glad I tried it! I think I did a pretty good job on copying the eyes if I'm being honest.

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