Flormar Twist Up lipsticks review

In my previous post I mentioned these lipsticks from Flormar. I already have 3 Flormar lipsticks which I love a lot. Today I'll review their Twist Up Lipsticks in Caramel and Coral. Usually I´m not really interested in these big crayon type of lipsticks. They´re usually very low on pigment and more like a tinted lip balm. These, however are legit lipsticks so I was very intrigued.

I´m going to start with the coral shade, that´s simply called Coral. The colour is exactly what I´d think of when you say coral. I bought this one because thought it would look nice with the skirt I was wearing. In the past I´ve stated that I would like Flormar to name their products because it´s more fun. I´m glad they named these. These lipsticks are both part of the Color Madness range, hence why the colourful packaging, which I like. I love that the colour of the lipstick is also on the twist up device on the end so you can immediately see which colour is inside.The only thing that I don´t like about the lipstick is the font. Let´s be honest, it just doesn´t look professional or mature.

The texture on this one is smooth, it glides on easily without being slippery. The colour applies easily and it´s very opaque. I´d say this finish is between a satin and a matte. It´s not entirely matte but it´s not too shiny either. The lipstick is a tad drying on me and it provides about 4 hours of wear. I applied this without a lip brush and I had no issues with it it. Creating a sharp line wasn´t difficult either.

My only issue with the formula is that it might be a little on the dry side. It did settle in fine lines of my lips, but I didn´t exfoliate beforehand and my lips are pretty chapped at the moment. I don´t think I´ll have this issue when my lips are properly exfoliated.

The second shade I bought is called Caramel. Ironically, the colour doens´t remind me of actual caramel. I do like the colour though. This is such a lovely dusty brown colour. I often find that these darker colours have too much red in them. This has no red tones and that makes it a very special colour.

The texture on this one is a little more creamy than Coral. It's more slippery but also more nourishing. I don't think one is better than another, but they just apply differently. I think that this creamier texture just needs a flat end, like a lipstick. It was harder to apply and I could barely get a clean line when I applied it with the crayon. The finish on Caramel is a little more satin than on Coral. This made Caramel not settle in fine lines. I got about 3 hours of wear on this one. 

It now sounds like I don't like Caramel at all, but I actually really like it. The colour is great and it looks beautiful on the lips. You only need to apply it differently. Using a lip liner underneath, like I did with the Kylie Jenner tutorial, will solve all issues. 

There's one more thing I have to address about these lipsticks. The smell. These lipsticks smell EXACTLY like Mac lipsticks! I asked multiple people to test it and everyone agreed. Amazing! Some of the Flormar lipsticks I own have some questionable chemical smells but these are very pleasing! 

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