Holiday Haul: NARS, MUFE, Flormar & MORE

My sister went to Canada for a few weeks and offered to bring me some stuff from Sephora, since we don't have one here. I also went to Turkey and picked up some things from one of my favourite brands, Flormar.

It's safe to say that I am a lip product hoarder. Especially bold or bright colours catch my interest. I already have an OCC lip tar that I really like and I decided to pick up Beta, a bright neon matte orange. At the Flormar store I saw these crayon type of lipsticks that were a part of their new collection, called Color Madness. I swatched and liked all colours but I picked up these two, Coral and Caramel. I've already used Caramel in my Kylie Jenner tutorial and I'll review these two crayons soon. The last lip product is the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by NARS in the shade Train Bleu. I wanted this ever since I saw Beyoncé wearing it in her video for Jealous. 

Now on to a bit of face makeup. I don't generally enjoy buying powders and things like that but I noticed how finely mild these powders at Flormar were. My Rimmel loose powder was running out so I picked up this one. The Sephora cream blush looked so pretty on their website and it got raving reviews. The colour I picked is N2 Coral Flush. Everyone told me I should go for one of the NARS blushes at Sephora. For the longest time I wanted the Albatross powder blush, which is a highlighting colour. At the last moment I decided to go for this liquid illuminator in Copacabana instead because I prefer using liquids (because looking dewy is my only aspiration in life). I also picked up a setting spray at Flormar because I never saw a low budget setting spray. My beloved MAC one won't last me forever and this might be a nice alternative. For the price of 14TL (€4,85) I could definitely give it a shot. I tried it in the lovely hot humid Turkish weather and so far I haven't had any issues with it. 

Flormar is most known for their nail varnishes and I picked up these five. From left to right: Tropic Blue, Soft Pink, Pony Tale, Sky Blue and Juicy Melon. I'm wearing Tropic Blue right now. Its staying power fantastic, I put it on on Sunday and it's now Saturday and there's minimal chipping! I didn't even put a top coat on and I went swimming every day. Amazing! The nail varnishes were all somewhere between 80 cents and €2. Absolutely fantastic.
6 days & still going strong

The last few bits I picked up are the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow and an eyeshadow. I have declared my love for the Aqua Brow multiple times and I decided to get another colour. This is 25 Ash, one shade darker than the one I use now. I'll do a comparison post. 
The eyeshadow is from Flormar and it's a part of their Color Madness collection as well. The eyeshadow is a really special red/copper colour with silver glitter and lots of shine. I've never seen anything like it and that's why I decided to get this one. Their eyeshadows are always mad pigmented, this one is no exception. I started playing with the idea of red eyeshadow when I saw Beyoncé and she was wearing red glittery eyeshadow. Beyoncé is a big part of my life if you hadn't noticed.

Today I played around with my new stuff for a little bit. I'm wearing the OCC lip tar, the Sephora blush and the NARS illuminator. Along with some other things of course.

That's it for this haul! I'm only realising now how much I bought!! Some of these things were gifts but I prefer not to talk about my money spending habits. Please let me know if you want me to review anything or if you want to request a look or tutorial! 

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