Kylie Jenner inspired tutorial

OK I think it's safe to say that I'm back from my hiatus. I had things to do, holidays to go on, places to be, etc. I will elaborate on some of these things (I'm planning a giant haul, stay tuned). On my one month hiatus I dyed my hair purple, blue, lilac and pink until I got fed up with having long hair and I chopped it off. My new haircut and a new lipstick that I picked up on holiday inspired me to do this Kylie Jenner look. Since my hair is about her length and the lip colour is very her.
What I used:

I just returned from holiday and I got loads of freckles from the sun! I'm not used to getting them at all but it's a nice surprise. Therefore I didn't really want to use a full coverage foundation, so I opted for a BB cream. This one is from Rimmel and I stole it from my sister because I don't own one. The BB cream was a bit too drying for me so I blended it out with my Real Techniques sponge with a bit of moisturizer on it.

tan lines!! freckles!!
I usually give liquids some time to sink into my skin so I moved on to eyes. I applied some primer to my eyelids and filled in my eyebrows. Kylie usually either wears a cat eye with some nude eyeshadow or just nude eyeshadow. I decided to leave out the eyeliner, just because I felt like it. I'm sure this will look cute with a winged eyeliner too. For the eyes I used the Too Faced Joy To The Girls palette (which I stole from my sister, again). I applied Cookie Dough all over my lid up and blended it out up to my brow bone. To highlight the brow bone I used Snow Angel and blended that into Cookie Dough. I highlighted the inner corners with a shimmery white eyeshadow because I'm very bad at doing all matte looks (I just love shiny things!!). To make my eyes look bigger I used Mulberry under my eyes and blended that outwards, up to the corner of my eyes. I only applied it to the outer corners of my eyes. Applying a dark colour in the inner corner of your eyes will never make them look bigger. 

Aren't these names the cutest?
I curled my lashes and applied a couple coats of mascara. I didn't feel like wearing falsies but I'm sure Kylie wears them a lot, I'd go for individual lashes if you're not wearing eyeliner. It looks more natural that way and with a full strip of lashes you probably need to wear eyeliner to conceal the strip.

After I finished the eyes I moved on to the lips. Kylie's lips are probably what she's most well-known for. I'm not going to talk about whether she's had injections or not. Simply because I don't care what she may or may not do to her body. I personally think it looks fabulous and that's what matters.
I read a great tutorial on her lips over on xoVain and I bascially followed these steps. 
I know Kylie's lip colour is a subject of debate. The lipstick I used is a twist-up lipstick by Flormar (I picked it up in Turkey) and it's called Caramel. I'm going to review it soon. Spoiler alert: it's amazing.
After I applied the lipstick I used some concealer to clean up the edges. These crayon type of lipsticks don't allow you to get the same clean lines as you'd get with a lipstick or a brush. 

After finishing the lips I went back to the skin. Because I'm so tan now most of my skin products don't really match anymore. I used my regular foundation to conceal my under-eye area. I didn't feel like I needed a high coverage concealer since I'm only wearing BB cream. Also, the concealer I used to use under my eyes ran out way to quickly, which is a shame because I gave it a raving review. I applied it underneath the eyes and on the highest points of my face. Applying light concealer on the highest points of the face is one of the 242 steps of the Kim Kardashian highlighting routine and it's an easy way to subtly sculpt your face. I set everything in place with powder. 
For contouring there's only one tool you need: the Real Techniques contour brush. It's amazing. The top of the brush allows you to pick up product and the bristles on the side do all the blending. I used an ashy medium brown eyeshadow and I sucked in my cheeks to see where my cheekbones are. 

For blush I decided to go pink and shimmery. I applied it to the apples of my cheeks and blended it outwards. I also applied a shimmery bronzer to my cheeks, temples and forehead. To create that Kardashian glow I used my favourite home made highlighter. I mixed equal amounts of shimmery white pigment and gold eyeshadow with Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. When you use this, tap it onto your face (cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, forehead) and just let it sit for a while. I've found that it blends out way easier that way. Just clean your brushes or talk to your dog. After a minute or two it will blend out perfectly (I use my fingers and my Real Techniques sponge to blend) and it will stay put all day.

When you're done blending out your highlighter, clean up that mascara mess on your eyelid (if you're like me) and you're ready to go!

The contouring gets WAY easier once you've done it a couple times. It honestly takes me a couple minutes now. I also just wanted to say that I'm so glad to be blogging again. I have so many ideas for posts now and I have plenty of new products to review and the big haul will be up either tomorrow or Sunday. And I'm going to dye my hair. Crazy times ahead. If you try this look, please let me know! 

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