Lady Vengeance/Lady Marmelade Look

I'm not going to lie about this, school is getting to me. After two gap years it's really hard to get up early again, let alone that I do great make up before 7am every day. I usually just smear some glitter over my face, poke my eyeballs with some mascara and use a bright lipstick. That's probably not a good look and it's definitely not a #BackToSchool look the Youtubers taught me.
 Luckily, school gave me an opportunity to do make up again. I had to make a magazine about myself. For the cover photo I just started playing around with make up and I really liked the outcome.

I had two inspirations for this look. The first one was Christina Aguilera in the Lady Marmelade video, don't ask me why. Sometimes inspiration comes from weird places. 

I really wanted to use the red eyeshadow I bought in Turkey because I hadn't had the time to play with it yet. I'm a huge fan of the fashion blogger/writer/icon Arabelle Sicardi. About a year ago, Arabelle often wore this red eyeshadow as a part of the 'lady vengeance agenda'. I haven't seen the film Lady Vengeance but I really want to, too bad I really suck at watching a film (I'm a series person). Arabelle did a make up tutorial on her red eyeshadow, which I've watched a couple times and I took a lot of inspiration from it.

For the eyes I used my shimmery red eyeshadow by Flormar, Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner in Iridescent Red, Coax and Toxic from Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette, several rhinestones and some mascara.
I started with the red eyeshadow. I applied it all over my lid, a bit over my crease and I blended it outwards. I used Coax (a shimmery pink) and Toxic (a shimmery copper) on the edges. I just placed those at random, I wanted create some depth, I didn't mind that it wasn't symmetrical or anything. That's not what this look was about. I lined my eyelid with the red eyeliner to make the look more intense. I didn't do a cat-eye because you could barely see it because of all the red eyeshadow, and because I already created a very intense wing with the eyeshadow.
To finish I used several rhinestones (which are from a nail art kit) and some mascara.

For the cheeks I used a hot pink blush, lots of contouring and lots of my NARS illuminator in Copacabana. The lips are MAC's Red, one of my favourite reds. It has some slight pink tones in it, which I thought looked great with the pink tones in my red eyeshadow.

I know this look is not wearable. It wasn't my intent. This look is just a result of me playing with make up. I didn't have the time to make a tutorial on this because I had to finish my assignment first. This also why some of the pictures aren't too good, I apologise for that. However, I'm kind of proud how this look turned out. I think it's a pretty strong look. 
I will make more tutorials whenever I have the time again, I think there will be one next week. 

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