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It's almost 2 weeks ago since I attended Beyoncé and Jay Z's On The Run Tour in Paris. It was absolutely magical and life changing. Last weekend they broadcasted the whole thing on HBO. It's definitely worth watching if you're only slightly interested in either both of them, or if you're into good make up. At the actual show I was way too far away to actually take a look at her make up, but the HBO special showed good details of Queen B's face. She was sporting a black winged eyeliner with lots of sparkles, an amazing highlighter and (I'm guessing) various lip colours.

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Just to make things clear, I don't exclusively do Beyoncé make up tutorials! I just love her so much and she's a huge influence in everything I do in my life. When I saw this make up I just knew I had to try it. I already wore it once without making a tutorial but I liked the outcome so I decided to make a tutorial. Next one won't be Beyoncé themed! Although I easily could make like six more Beyoncé tutorials if I'm being honest.


I started on the eyes for this look because glitter tends to fall down. It's way easier to clean it up if you're not wearing any make up underneath. To start I applied a primer (Urban Decay, Primer Potion). For the base I used a light brown eyeshadow (Too Faced, Cookie Dough) and I applied it all over my lid. To highlight the brow bone I used a white eyeshadow (Too Faced, Snow Angel) and for the inner corner a shimmery off white (Urban Decay, Venus). Around eyelid (bottom and top) I used a light grey eyeshadow (Zoeva, 88 colour palette) because I knew it would help transition the glitter eyeshadow.

Using a liquid eyeliner I drew on a winged eyeliner. The wing should be straight and thin, like Beyoncé's. I also think it looks so much more professional to draw on you wing straight instead of upwards. On the lower lashline I applied a shimmery darker grey tone (Urban Decay, Derailed) and I blended it out downwards and outwards. The grey creates a somewhat softer wing on the end, but nothing shocking. The eyeliner should still stand out a little. I pretty much hate using black on my waterline but I did it anyway. I used a black kohl pencil and I applied it in stippling motion on the lower lashline, to make it blend in with the grey eyeshadow.

Until now we're just on a basic cat-eye which probably everyone knows how to do. Boring. On to the sparkle! I took out my Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow and some setting spray. I used my Real Techniques Fine Liner brush and sprayed some setting spray on it. I lightly tapped it on the glitter eyeshadow and I started pushing it onto the black eyeliner. Don't try to swipe it on, it won't work and it might mess up the eyeliner. Repeat this step until your entire eyeliner is sparkly. I also applied it a little above the black liner because it makes the looks so much more sultry and nice. The eyeliner flick faded a little because of the glitter and I drew it on again. I finished everything with black mascara.

For brows I decided to go light, Beyoncé has bleached brows these days so my usual super dark eyebrow wouldn't be fitting. I just used the brush I always use for my Aqua Brow and didn't apply anything to it. There was some product left on my brush which made my brows only look a little fuller and even, but not darker.


First, I cleaned up all the glitter. I applied the L'Oréal Lumi Magique primer on top of my Smashbox Photo Finish primer. I'm awful but I really like the combo of these two products, the Smashbox one makes my foundation look flawless and perfect and the L'Oréal one makes it look radiant. I could also just buy the luminizing one from Smashbox but this works too.

I applied my foundation (L'Oréal, True Match) all over my face, with the exception of my nose (because of my freckles). I blended it in very well and used a lighter concealer under my eyes. To warm up my complexion I used a liquid bronzer (Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddess) and I blended that in with my fingers. 

I set everything in place with some powder and shaped my cheekbones a little by contouring them. On top of the contour I used a shimmery pink blush (Hema, something nameless and capless I'm awful). The blush was placed more on the side of the face, you see that a lot these days. I wanted it to go parallel with the contouring "line" instead of on the apples of the cheeks.

The highlighter Beyoncé wore was absolutely gorgeous. It was so intense shimmery and it had a warm shine to it. My best guess is that it's the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold but it could also be NARS Albatross blush. I don't own either of these products. I first dusted my cheekbones and bridge of the nose with some shimmery white pigment (Essence, Fiary Dust), followed by some gold pigment (L'Oréal Infallible Eyeshadow, Gold Mine).  I also added some of my beloved NARS Copacabana highlighter because it makes everything better.


Throughout the show Bey wore some various lip colours, I definitely spotted a coral one and a pink one. I tried on the coral lipstick first but I hated how it looked with this look, my eyes were too black and my complexion was too light to make it work. I decided to go for the friendly pink lips. 

First I drew on my lips using a nude coloured lip liner. I also overdrew them a little because I know Beyoncé's make up artist does that too and because my lips are tiny. I filled my lips in with a mix of a pastel pink (Flormar, no name) and a hot pink (Mac, Lickable) and I made it less intense (and more shiny) by tapping on some lip balm. 

This is a really easy tutorial and it's very wearable. I'm easily bored by winged eyeliner looks but this one is pretty and fun. Glitter just makes everything better, doesn't it? 

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