A new start

Some of you might have noticed but I finally made the plunge and got my own domain! From now on I am the blog formerly known as The Vanity Pool and currently known as Mauraivy.com

This all was a bit of an impulse decision really, I always look at other people's blog and think Why doesn't MY blog look like this? For this autumn break I decided to just make things happen. I started with a completely new lay out. I went for very large pictures, quite large text and at the top there's a section with an FAQ, an about section and a shortcut to my FOTD articles and my tutorials. Everything else can be found with the search bar at the top.

A new start doesn't mean that everything will be different. I just hope to develop myself more, develop more skills and I'm never against better content on this website. If anything changes, it will most likely be positive. However, my mentality about this website is exactly the same as when I started.

Why am I not The Vanity Pool anymore? Simply because I like this name better. It also makes a lot more sense because Maura Ivy is my name and also, my Instagram name and it's me on most social networks. However, you will be redirected to this site if you want to access it through my old URL. So I hope everyone will still like the blog FKA The Vanity Pool, Mauraivy.com! You can still follow me through Bloglovin'* or via email at the bottom of this page.

Please let me know if you're having any issues with the new website.

* Please let me know if you know how to change the URL of your blog on Bloglovin'.. I couldn't figure that out.

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