FOTD: Black lipstick

I've been playing with the idea of black lipstick for a while now but I've always been too afraid to actually wear it out. Everyone knows that 2014 is the year of unconventional lip colours. Before this year bright purples were even hard to find, let alone blues, greens or blacks. Right now everyone seems to like these sort of colours. And I am loving that! Now NYX has come out with an entire range of (permanent!) unonventional lip colours; first with their Macaron lippies and now with their Wicked lippies (regardless of my opinion on the word 'lippie', I want them all).

October seems to be the month when everyone wants to go vampy. Me too. I hate to admit it, but sometimes even my beloved Train Bleu doesn't do the trick.

For this look I wanted to look 'fresh faced' but, with black lips. Beyoncé's make up artist once said that 'if you're wearing a dark lip colour, you want the rest of your face to look a bit undone'. This is an old make up artist rule. Sometimes rules deserve to be broken, and sometimes rules are there for a reason. I think this was great advice and I kept that in mind when creating this look.

I kept the skin very simple with a little bit of BB cream, concealer and some coral cream blush and I kept my eyebrows a little lighter than I usually do. For the eyes I used Too Faced Powdered Sugar all over my lid. Then I drew a small wing on the outer corner using a gunmetal kohl penicl. I just smudged that out with my finger. On the inner corners I applied some shimmery white eyeshadow, and on the inner part of the eyelid I used a little bit of glitter eyeliner. This one is by Essence and it has blue microglitter. Then I finished everything off with mascara. On the lips I used a black kohl pencil that I find too creamy for my eyes. I must say, it works perfectly on the lips. There isn't much of a difference in formula between eye pencils and lip pencils anyway.

I was actually surprised how this look turned out. I wan't that shocked and I didn't think it looked that weird! I'm definitely going to start wearing black lipstick more often. My hunt for the perfect black lipstick has started!

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