My hair is pink now!

After having brown hair for a couple months I got really bored again. I had been craving having fun coloured hair the minute after I cut it off. The other day I finally made the plunge again.. and it's pink!

Dyeing your hair yourself can be tricky and for that exact reason I couldn't make a tutorial. I used Flamingo Pink by Directions on top of my existing ombré. I even dilluted it quite a bit but it came out super vibrant! I'm quite pleased with the result. It's fun and weird and I'm sure this colour stays on a little longer than Carnation Pink  by Directions. I've used that before and it didn't stay on at all. I only wash my hair once a week, and it hasn't faded at all on its first wash.

There are lots of benefits about pink hair; it looks great, it's fun to match your clothes or lipstick to (Mac's Lickable is a spot on match), small children point at you all the time. The only downsides are that literally everyone keeps touching it without my consent, turns out to be a thing that happens to a lot of people with brightly coloured hair. I don't know man, it's super rude. Don't touch people without their consent, ever.

Anyway, I think I'm going to keep this colour for a while. I really like it and so far I've only used up 1/5th of the jar. After pink I definitely want to go blue! And I still want to cut it shorter. Tell me about your hair agenda's!

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