NYX Lavender Macaron Lippie review

NYX are known for their reasonably priced but good products. When they launched their Macaron Lippies everyone (including me) was so happy. It's hard to find unconventinal colours on a drugstore budget. I'd been looking for the lavender lipstick for ages but it was sold out on Ebay all the time. The other day I finally ordered one.

The packaging looks a bit flimsy. I like that you can see a bit of the colour of the lipstick through the case so if you own more of these lipsticks, you don't have to search which colour it is. What I dislike most about this packaging is the clear plastic thing (the twisty thing??) around the actual lipstick..Because it's clear it's pretty gross, lipstick gets on it all the time. But, at a $7 price rate, it's ok. It hasn't broken yet and I don't feel like I should complain about it too much. 

The actual lipstick is better than I expected. The formula is smooth and creamy and I'd describe the finish as somewhere between matte and satin. The colour is almost fully opaque in the first coat, without a lip liner or primer underneath. You can build the colour but I'd suggest blotting in between applying new layers because of the creamy formula.

This is what the lipstick looked like when I first applied it. As you can see it's almost fully opaque. On my bottom lip you can see a fine line from where I smacked my lips together. I decided to go give it a second chance. The lavender colour is a bit too blue-based for my liking. I think it looks super cool but it wasn't what I had in mind (I wanted to dupe the Mac x Kelly Osbourne lipstick). For the next swatch I used a primer underneath, a pink lip liner and bit of Mac's Candy Yum-Yum. I did this to create a nice base for the lipstick to stick to, and because CYY stays on forever.

I think the neon pink lipstick works beautifully with the cool toned lilac. I would wear the lilac on its own as well, but maybe when I was a little more tanned. I could also have opted for the Violet macaron lippie, but I have great ideas with the Lavender one. 

All in all, this lipstick is very impressive. I've never had a lipstick this cheap that I really liked. I do like this one, I know it sounds pretty negative in this review but it's always more important to point out the negatives. What I do like about this lipstick is:
  • the shade range!!!!!!!
  • the price 
  • the smell (it's vanilla but not overpowering, just a sweet note when you apply it)
  • the fact that it's buildable
  • it's cruelty-free
When I just bought these, word got out about the new NYX Wicked Lippies. Have you seen them? I want them so badly! I can't wait to experient with navy blue shimmer lipstick for a very low price! Do you own any of the Macaron lippies? What's your opinion on the word 'lippie'? Do you hate it as much as I do?

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