Pink/red/glitter eyes tutorial

I'm still in love with warm colours. The red eyeshadow I used a bunch of times already is still one of my favourite things these days. For this look I wanted to do something with these warm colours, and at the same time I wanted it to compliment my pink hair.

I just went around in my stash and didn't limit myself to one specific palette. If you want to do this look too you can of course always replace the eyeshadows with ones you already have. 

I do not know why that Sleek palette is pictured. 
  • Too Faced Spike the Punch (Joy to the Girls palette); a peachy matte with silver glitter. 
  • Too Faced Cheers (Joy to the Girls palette); a cool, shimmery nude
  • Flormar baked eyeshadow; a shimmery sheer hot pink
  • Flormar baked eyeshadow; a red/copper with silver glitter and shimmer
  • Urban Decay Coax (Vice 2 palette); a shimmery bubblegum pink
  • Essence Pigments Fairy Dust; a shimmery white pigment
  • NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk
  • Too Faced Prancer (Joy to the Girls palette); a warm toned gold with gold glitter
  • Urban Decay Toxic (Vice 2 palette); a copper with gold and pink shimmer
  • Urban Decay Venus (Naked Basics palette, not pictured); a shimmery off-white
  • White big glitter, this is from a nail art set
This is an enormous list but this look is about building colour and creating washes of colour, with strategically placed more pigmented parts. Therefore I started with a primed eyelid (as always) but I didn't create a white base.

To start off, I applied Spike the Punch all over the mobile lid. There's no need to be precise or careful with this.

I wanted an intense wash of red in the inner corner crease (?). I started applying it in a (sort of) triangular shape underneath the eyebrow. 

Next, I blended that out. Your colour might fade a little too much when you're blending it. Just reapply and re-blend until you're happy with it.

As you can see the red faded a little too much here. I later on fixed that but I don't think it's in the tutorial. From the outside of the crease I created a wash of colour with the hot shimmery pink eyeshadow. Start on the outside of your crease and bring it in only half-way. It's ok to leave a gap between the pink and the red. 

On the middle/outer part of the mobile lid I applied Coax and blended that well.

PS: This is where things got too shimmery for my camera. Some of the colours got lots but just trust me, there was colour. There was lots of shimmer. Damn you, Urban Decay.

To connect the red and the pink in the crease I applied Toxic. Copper with red and pink is a perfect match, I use these colour combinations often. On the middle part of the mobile lid I applied Cheers. This doesn't do much for the colour but I like the extra shimmer dimension. 

On the inner corner of the eyelid and the lower lashline I applied Prancer, along with some gold glitter eyeliner on top. In the tearduct area (?) and downwards I applied the white base.

With a small brush I tapped on the white shimmery pigment. To create a sticky base for the glitter I used Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I ran out of eyelash glue but I like this product better anyway. Just apply a tiny amount and let it sit for a little while before tapping on the glitter. I did this with my finger too. I think it works best.

PS: The glitter is not safe for the eyes, therefore I didn't apply it too close to my eyes. You really don't want these big chunks of glitter in your eyeballs. I can think of a billion terrible things that can happen.

To finish, just curl your lashes and add some mascara. Also, highlight your brow bone if you feel like it. 

For the face I stuck to my usual products. I opted for a red coral blush with gold shimmer and a more orange coral blush on top. I know, I'm awful. I always use a billion products. On the lips I'm wearing Mac's Lickable because it matches my hair so well. 

See? Lipstick that doesn't match my hair doesn't match my life anymore.

This look is pretty easy to achieve. Just build colour wherever you like it. As always, if you decide to do this look, PLEASE show me pictures!

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