3 Looks inspired by Taylor Swift's 1989

Earlier this week Taylor Swift released her new album 1989. I really liked her previous album Red but I am obsessed with this album! Taylor took a step back from her typical country sound and managed to produce a timeless pop classic. One thing I really like about her music are her lyrics, which often are very visual. I'm recreating 3 looks that Taylor sings about on 1989. 


"You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye and I got that red lip classic thing that you like"
I imagined this to be a classical Taylor look. She wasn't being very clear about what the classic thing was so I decided that it'd be a very classic smokey eye.

My base was a light BB cream, the slightest bit of under-eye concealer, filled in brows and powder. I primed my eyelids as usual. On the inner 1/3rd of the eyelid I applied a light nude eyeshadow. I defined the crease with a mauve-y colour and blended that into the grey colour that I applied on the outer part of the eyelid. On top I drew a cat-eye, a Taylor Swift staple. I highlighted the inner corner and the brow bone and added some false lashes. For blush I decided to go very neutral and used an apricot colour. Taylor doesn't really go heavy on contouring and highlighting to I left that to a minimum. For the red lips I decided to use a cherry colour (for bonus points - she also sings about cherry lips in Blank Space). This deep red is Rimmel's Kate 01.

 Wildest Dreams 

"Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe / Red lips and rosy cheeks / Say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams"
I thought this would be a typical Taylor look for when she's not doing anything special but just slaps on red lipstick before she leaves the house. The rosy cheeks just naturally occur by being outside when it's cold. Or you can achieve that look with some blush.

Again, I started with the same base as before. This time I didn't do anything to the eyes, except for some mascara. For variety I decided to go with a matte red lip, this one is Mac's Lady Danger.  For the cheeks I chose a matte hot pink blush, which I applied on the apples of the cheeks and I blended that outwards. Again, I hardly contoured or highlighted. It's not very Taylor.

Didn't wear a nice dress though..


"Didn't they tell us don't rush into things / Didn't you flash your green eyes at me"
This song is only on the deluxe version though but it's one of my favourites. For this look I didn't have to worry about it being Taylor because this one is inspired by the character she sings about (let's pretend it's not common knowledge that this is about Harry Styles..). Green eyes. This was very up to my own imagination, I went off the wonderland theme and decided to go with glitter.

I highlighted my brow bone and inner corner. On the mobile lid I applied the glitter, first I sprayed setting spray onto my brush and picked up the glitter with my wet brush. With light patting motions I filled my entire eyelid with glitter. After applying mascara I applied my false lashes. After finishing the eyes I applied the same base make up as on the other two looks, it's just easier to apply your base after working with glitter so you don't have to worry about the fall-out. I used the same apricot blush as before and for the lips I went for a friendly pink, Revlon Think Pink. I sincerely apologize for not being able to photograph glitter at all.

What is your favourite song on 1989? Mine are Blank Space, Wonderland and Shake it Off. 

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