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Last Sunday Lorde absolutely rocked the American Music Awards. She performed the Hunger Games soundtrack Yellow Flicker Beat and after what was an amazing performance, she wiped off her signature dark lipstick. I thought the entire performance was amazing, but wiping it off on stage was such a powerful statement. Women are always told to look as polished and perfect as possible, especially at award shows. Lorde proved the entire opposite. I thought Lorde's make up (with or without perfect lipstick) looked amazing so I decided to recreate it.


Lorde's eyeshadow was something she quite often wears. A brown smokey eye, nothing too harsh, and a little bit of eyeliner. This time the beautiful inner corner highlight and the wash of orange on the lid caught my eye. As always I first applied Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base.

I used a shimmery warm toned medium brown (Urban Decay, Ambush) to map out the crease. I didn't want to apply too much pigment at once because Lorde's look was more about a wash of colour. 

Next, I blended it out. Just keep blending until there are no hash lines. Reapply eyeshadow if needed. I wanted a darker colour on the outer corners, so I reapplied a little eyeshadow in that area. Make sure to blend again once you reapply eyeshadow.

For the wash or orange I used a shimmery orange/copper eyeshadow. Mine is from an old palette from Beauty UK. This eyeshadow isn't super pigmented, which is perfect because it allows you to build up the colour really easily.
I applied the orange on the outer part of the mobile lid and a little in the inner part of the crease.

In the middle part of the lid I applied some shimmery off white. This one is from the same Beauty UK palette, this eyeshadow is very iredescent too so the colour shines through it.
For the inner corner highlight I mixed a shimmery light nude (Urban Decay, Dope) with a duochrome silver (Urban Decay, Shellshock). By mixing in the duochrome my nude colour really 'pops'.

Lorde almost always wears her eyeliner in the same shape; a thin line from the very inner corner with a very modest, small winged end. That's what I drew on using a liquid eyeliner.

On the waterline I applied some white pencil. I defined the lower lashline with some black eyeshadow, not too harsh but just enough to create the illusion of bigger eyes. The final step is to add some mascara.


Lorde had this flawless base make up. Because she wore dark lipstick, she kept it simple on the cheeks. For my base I used Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. On top of that I did some under-eye concealer and I set everything in place with some powder. I defined my cheekbones with some contouring. I also filled in my eyebrows and used generous amounts of NARS Copacabana to create a fresh, plastic like, glow.


Lorde wore her signature vampy lipstick. In some light (and by light I mean pictures, I wasn't there) it looks more red and the other times it looks more purple. I decided to go with my favourite vampy lip colour, which happens to shift between dark red and dark purple too. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu was applied on top of a burgundy lip liner. Note: Lorde doesn't overdraw her lips at all, so no Kylie Jenner lips for this look. 

As it turns out, wiping your lipstick off in a clean line is pretty hard. Did Lorde practice this?

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