My eyebrow routine

According to many memes on Instagram, people with bad eyebrows shouldn't be trusted. I'm not so sure about that, and I'm not sure what 'bad eyebrows' are (all brows are good brows as long as you're happy with them!). My blog is almost a year old, and I've never shared my eyebrow routine! Today is the day, the secret to my eyebrows!

I almost always use the same products for my eyebrows. 

  •  Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow - I rotate between 20 and 25. In this one I'm using 20 here.
  • Matte cool toned light nude eyeshadow* (This handy little palette is from Flormar and it's only €10, definitely get it if you have the chance! I already used up the lightest colour, which is a great brow bone highlighter)
  • A matte medium brown eyeshadow* (I also use that for contouring!)
  • Matte dark brown eyeshadow* 
  • 2 Angled brushes (I use the Real Techniques brow brush and this two-in-one brush from Catrice Cosmetics)
  • Round eyeshadow brush
* From now on these eyeshadows will be named after their number in the picture because Flormar decided not to name their products.

I always do my eyebrows right after foundation and primer. I always use Primer Potion on my eyelids and I also rub some in my brows. I'm not sure if this is really necessary because Aqua Brow doesn't move but I do it anyway.  This is my eyebrow without make up. I hardly ever pluck them because those little stray hairs don't really bother me. Also because I'm lazy.

Then I map out the outsides of my eyebrow using the Aqua Brow and an angled brush. From halfway the brow I colour them in as well. At the inner part I only draw a line at the top and the bottom of the eyebrow. 
Aqua brow is a great multifunctional product, it also keeps my brow hairs in place. Make sure you let your Aqua Brow dry before going to the next step. 

Using eyeshadow #2 on an angled brush I set the Aqua Brow in place and create a little bit of a gradient from the inner part to the outer part of the brow.

With eyeshadow #3 and an angled brush I darken the lower part of the eyebrow. I draw a line from the inner part all the way out, although I don't really darken the tail (but you can, it will just give you a stronger brow). 

For the inner part of the brow I use eyeshadow #1 and the round brush. To blend the harsh lines at the top and bottom I just wiggle the brush up and down between my brows. The Aqua Brow will blend nicely with the eyeshadow. I like the darker line on the bottom to stay a little bit visible (apparently this is #InstagramBrows style?).

If you want your brows to look even sharper, use some concealer around the brows. This will hide sparse hairs and everything will just look way more professional. 

And you're done! You can just finish this with some BB cream and lipstick and you're ready to go! 

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