New hair & Mac Heroine

Last week I got my hair cut. I wanted to go a little shorter (it all seems like nothing once you've done The Big Chop) and when I cut my hair most of the pink was gone. I decided to go for a new colour, blue! I don't make hair dye tutorials because I can't even dye my hair properly with my two hands, let alone photograph the entire thing. Now we've disclosed that, onto some beauty stuff! 
Last Wednesday I turned 20. Luckily, my friends know me very well and they gave me Mac's Heroine lipstick. 

Heroine is a cult classic. First it was released as a limited edition but shortly after that it was made permanent after high demand. Purple is one of my favourite lip colours because it's both weird and wearable (and it looks amazing with turquoise hair). 

The lipstick has a matte finish. I really like the Mac matte lipsticks, they are creamy but not slippery and they stay on for a good while. I don't think this formula is any different to another Mac matte, such as Lady Danger. This is a good thing because I really like that one. The lipstick stays on pretty well. For me, that's around 4 hours but it depends on what you're doing/eating/drinking. The lipstick leaves a slight pink stain. The great thing about Mac mattes is that I don't think it's neccessary to wear a lip liner underneath, you can easily just pop a bit of the lipstick on an angled brush and map out the outlines of the lips. The lipstick doesn't budge or smear once it's on. 

The colour is a bright purple with pink undertones. This colour is way less vampy than the other bright purple I own, Illamasqua's Esp. Also, the formula is 20 times creamier and easier to apply. If you're looking for a bright purple lipstick, I'd definitely recommend Heroine

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