Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Glastonberry lipstick

The beauty blogosphere has been freaking out over Charlotte Tilbury's make up products for quite some time now. I too was really excited to try her products because everyone seems to be raving about it. Her products aren't available here in The Netherlands but I was lucky enough to receive her lipstick as a belated birthday present from my sister who lives in the UK. She got me the Matte Revolution lipstick in Glastonberry.

The lipstick comes in a beautiful rose gold case. Just A+. It's so glamorous and luxurious I don't have anything remotely bad to say about it. Amazing. Will it be annoying that you can't see which one is which if you own multiples?  Probably. But is it really an issue that you can't find the right lipstick when you're grabbing your stash of lipsticks worth £23 a pop? Really?

On to the actual product. Charlotte Tilbury created an entirely new formula that's supposed to beat all other matte lipstick formulas. Matte lipsticks can be quite drying and chalky. Charlotte wanted none of that and promises a lightweight formula which doesn't cling to the lips. It's also supposed to create a 3D plumping effect. Let's see, does she live up to her promise?

Let me tell you, this lipstick is so comfortable! It's way less drying than other mattes from, let's say, MAC (and then I'm not even talking about their retro-mattes!). This lipstick feels incredibly soft, like butter or an amazing lip balm. I even forgot I had this on after a couple minutes, I never have that with lipsticks, ever! I definitely understand what they mean with the plumbing effect, I think that also has a lot to do with the fact that it doesn't cling to your lips or settles in fine lines. I have the most chapped lips in the world right now (thanks, flu) and it even makes my lips look normal and hydrated!

The lipstick works perfectly on its own, although I prefer to use a lip liner underneath (I'm not wearing lip liner in the pictures for the sake of #authenticity but you will soon see it in a FOTD). I have no bad words for this lipstick. Glastonberry is the perfect vampy dark red/berry colour and it's suitable for all skin tones. The lipstick lasts a long time on the lips and it fades to a berry/plum coloured stain.

The Matte Revolution lipsticks are scented with a vanilla smell. It's noticeably different to MAC's scent and I can find some chocolaty notes in this one. The scent is only noticeable if you're actually sniffing the lipstick and you won't smell it when it's on your lips. I really like the smell, though.

The only downside I can think of with this product is the price. I think you get a very luxurious but also very good product for your money and these lipsticks are something I'd save up for. They're just that good. I'm planning to wear this on all Christmas dinners (I have 3) and probably for the rest of my life. Now Santa can I have all of these?

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