Cut crease tutorial using Vice 3

As promised in the review post I wrote for the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette; the cut crease tutorial!
I definitely made this one with the holidays in mind but you can always tune it down (or not) and wear it on more casual occasions!

As always I started with a primed eyelid. I already filled in my eyebrows and highlighted my brow bone with Truth.

Next I mapped out where I wanted my cut crease to be. A good trick for that is to look down in a mirror. You want your 'new crease' to be slightly above your real crease so it a) enlarges the eye and b) is still visible when you have your eyes open.

My cut crease is going to be black, so I used a black kohl pencil. You can also use gel liner or an angled brush and some (wet) eyeshadow. I wouldn't recommend using liquid liner though. It doesn't have to be perfectly neat but you want the bottom line to be somewhat neat.

Whenever you're satisfied with your mapped out crease (make them even on both eyes otherwise it'll look very strange), you can start to blend. I used Revolver to blend out the black. Don't blend downwards, only upwards and outwards. Otherwise your cut crease will be a regular smoky eye. If you like, you can reapply your brow bone highlighter to make it blend in better.

Now on to the moving lid. For the eyelid I used the rule of thirds, which means to divide your eyelid into 3 equal pieces. A trick for this is to look down in a mirror (and look straight forward). You can use your eye white/pupil/rest of the eye white as a rule of thumb.

On the first 1/3rd I applied Last Sin, on the middle part Angel and Brokedown in the outer part. Blend it up to the cut crease but don't blend it in with the black. If you did mess up your cut crease, or you feel like it needs to be sharper, reapply your kohl liner.

For the inner corner I used Bobby Dazzle. I also blended that in with where the black starts.

You could just add mascara and call it a day, but I wanted this look to be super festive so I added a few steps! I drew a line with liquid eyeliner and winged it out. I wanted the wing to end around where the cut crease ends.

On the bottom waterline I applied a white pencil. In the lower tear duct I used Last Sin again. In the rest of the lower lashline (the other 2/3rds) I applied Revolver and blended that into Last Sin. 

The festive season is just a poor excuse for me to smear glitter everywhere, so that's exactly what I did with this look too. On the middle of my eye I applied some copper loose glitter. This is from this awesome stackable glitter set from Claire's. Don't sue me when you get it in your eye though, be careful not to get it in your eye (as you should be with any glitter product).

To top everything off, apply generous coats of mascara. I always do bottom and top lashes but you can do whatever you like. It'd also look extra festive with false lashes. Because I couldn't contain myself I also added a little dot of gold glitter in the lower tearduct.

For the rest of the face I kept it pretty simple. I just did some contouring and used the tiniest amount of blush and my regular amount of highlighter. I like highlighter too much. For the lips I couldn't really make up my mind so I went for a semi-sheer red, very festive. This lipstick is L'Oréal Paris Caresse in 401 Rebel Red.

Please let me know if you tried this look! You can make endless variations with it and it doesn't require the Vice 3 palette at all! Also, if you have any questions about make up or requests for tutorials feel free to drop a comment or send an email!

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