I'm a Powder Doom contributor now!

A couple weeks ago I received a rather exciting email from Kailey, who also runs the Powder Doom Tumblr. She asked me if I wanted to make a guest post for Powder Doom.
For those of you who aren't that familiar with the make up scene on Tumblr, Powder Doom describes itself as a makeup blog whose goal is to encourage you to be you - unapologetically and excessively. I very much agree with that mentality and I've been a follower for ages. I felt very honoured when I was asked to write a post, and after that first post I was asked to become a staff member. This will mean you can find me there once or twice a month for a tutorial or FOTD. 

I already did this Willow Smith inspired look, and more recently this gold glittery eye look.

Also, around this time my blog has its first birthday! Especially after sharing this news, I'm so proud of what this blog has become. I didn't start this with any idea of a direction I wanted to go or with any goals for this year. I just went on and blogged how I wanted and now the fact that people actually like my posts is just amazing. 
 I want to thank everyone for being nice and supporting to me and I wish everyone happy holidays! 

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