My 5 best beauty decisions in 2014

2014 is coming to an end today. I always get a bit sentimental at the end of the year so today I'm only looking back on the positives. I'm rounding up the best beauty decisions I made last year.

1. I stopped over plucking my eyebrows

Looking back at pictures from earlier this year I hardly recognise myself. I know I've changed up my look a lot this year but what I really dislike about old pictures of myself are my eyebrows! My brows grow very thick and dark and the hairs are pretty long. This is something I've been insecure about for a long time. I have thick hair, and lots of it. This means that I'm blessed with a head full of hair that can take lots of bleach, but also that I have thick eyebrows. This year I worked hard on accepting my body hair as it is, and also my eyebrows. I've gone from an over tweezed arched brow to my natural shape and in my opinion, my grown out brows look so much better! Here's an article about how I handle these brows.

2.  I did all the things to my hair

My entire 2014 hairstory.

My hair used to be pitch black and long. I didn't even think about changing it. I didn't even like it too much but it was my look. It was how it was supposed to be. Dying it back my own colour was a huge deal for me, because it meant giving up my safety blanket, my black hair that I could always hide behind. After going brunette I started ombréing it, which I eventually dyed purple and pink. My pink tips turned snow-white on holiday in Turkey, and then I was fed up with my dead strands and so I made the big chop. I honestly couldn't be happier with my short hair, there's no way I'm growing it back. If anything, I'm cutting it shorter. I like short hair so much!

3. I started investing in more quality products

This is still one of my new year's resolutions. I want to save up to buy more quality products, which I've started this year. This doesn't necessarily mean buying more expensive products, but sometimes it does. This year I've had my fair share of lousy primers and gross foundations but I've also found some Holy Grail products. My days of opting for a cheaper product that only works half the time are over. I'm an adult now, time to buy grown-up products!

4. I learnt how to contour

For the longest time I didn't have much interest in skin makeup. I thought it was too difficult for me and blush just bored me most of the times. My skin looked fine as it was! When I finally started to learn how to contour it was such a game changer! My entire face looked different! Now, whenever I'm wearing makeup I apply a little contour and highlight. Alright, a lot of highlight. Contouring my cheeks made my face look so professional, which I liked. For me the game changer was the Real Techniques Contour Brush, which I recommend to anyone. Here is my entire article explaining how I contour (which might not work for you since it's written from personal experience. However,  you can always drop a comment if you have any questions). I'm still not too big of a blush fan and I'm still on the market for good blushes.

5. I became confident about my make up skills

I'm definitely not a makeup artist and I don't pretend that I am. However, I love doing makeup and I started this blog because I wanted to talk about makeup. I wanted to share my journey and somewhere this year I started making tutorials. Somewhere this year I got messages that people liked my tutorials and that they actually found them helpful! Very recently I've even been asked to make tutorials for one of my favourite websites. That is the biggest compliment in the world and this is something I never could have wished when I started this website. I am so thankful for all of you who left comments and sent messages. Every time I read them I get the biggest smile on my face.

I wish everyone the absolute best for 2015!! I hope everyone has a fun and safe night. ✨

That's the final post for this year, number 71. My new year's resolution is to write more and better articles. Also, to quit smoking. What are yours?

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