Urban Decay naked 2 review

Santa has been very kind to me this year because I found this little number under the Christmas tree! I'm so happy that I'm finally on the Naked train (that sounded better in my head..). The Naked palettes have been a blogger fave for many years now and I still didn't own any. I'm not saying that I'm easily peer-pressured but they are such a makeup staple.. and I understand why.

The Naked palettes are praised by many because of their versatile colours and amazing formula. I always preferred the Naked 2 over the first and third Naked palette because the colours seems more versatile to me. The first Naked palette looks really great too but I'm not fond of the velvet case (it attracts dirt very easily!). I chose this one over Naked 3 because in the way I see it, the third one is a great expension when you already have the Naked 2. However, Naked 3 is less versatile in colours since they're all in the rose gold family. It's still absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, though. Anyway, on to the actual review.

As seen in the top picture, you get a very sturdy aluminum case. This makes it very suitable for travelling. You also receive a month's worth of Urban Decay's Primer Potion testers. (FYI these are inside the little booklet you get, I'm saying this because my sister almost threw that out when she bought hers) I have (and love) their regular Primer Potions and I'm excited to try the rest of them. Through the entire cap of the case there's a mirror, which could be used to do your make up in. However, the mirror only has one angle standing up and it's not an ideal one. I don't think I'll use this mirror much, unlike the Vice 3 mirror. The brush that comes along with the palette is a double ended shadow/crease brush. Personally, I think that there are better brushes on the market. For Urban Decay eyeshadows I prefer brushes that are a little softer because these shadows are very smooth and soft brushes pick up the pigment more easily. The crease brush is alright.

 Inside you'll find 12 earthy colours in a range of different finishes.

Foxy is described as a 'cream bisque with matte finish'. It applies very smoothly and although it's a matte, it's super pigmented and non-chalky at all.
Half Baked is described as a 'golden bronze with shimmery finish'. This one is extremely pigmented and soft as butter. The finish is very metallic. This is definitely one of my favourites.
Booty Call is described as a 'shimmery cork'. The name is a bit questionable (as with a lot of UD products) but that doesn't make it less beautiful. These colours usually don't really  show up besides some shine, but this one is very pigmented and you get great colour payoff!
Chopper is described as a 'copper shimmer with silver micro glitter'. The thing with micro-glitter is that it usually doesn't really show up on the eye. Same with this one, you get the ocassional glitter, but for actual glitter payoff I'd suggest applying a glitter eyeliner on top. However, the actual colour is beautiful. Because this one is extremely pigmented you get a bit of fall-out if you have too much eyeshadow on your brush. You can prevent this by tapping your brush before bringing it near your eyes.
Tease is described as a 'creamy pale brown with matte finish'. This is one of the very few mattes in this pallet and boy, do you need it! This taupe colour is the perfect crease colour, as it's the perfect colour for many eyebrows (mine included). Same as with Foxy, this shade isn't chalky at all.
Snakebite is described as a 'dark bronze shimmer with metallic base'. Beautiful buttery goodness. The colour is great and metallic and it applies beautifully.

Suspect is described as a 'pale golden beige with shimmery finish'. This one is a little more sheer than the rest and it's not the smoothest one of the bunch. However, you can still work with it.
Pistol is described as a 'light greyish brown with shimmery finish'. This is such an interesting colour because it's both grey and brown. This is one of those colours that will look very differently depending on what colours you're combining it with.
Verve is described as a 'oyster with shimmery finish'. This colour is very cool-toned and on the eyes it just reads as silver. The formula is very blendable and smooth, and by blending it you can tone down the silver.
YDK is described as a 'cool bronze shimmer with metallic base'. This is another very interesting colour as it's a warm colour but still cool-toned.. if that makes sense! Its metallic-ness and shimmer make it even more unique. Formula is creamy and buttery but also prone to fall out. Tap your brush!!
Busted is described as a 'deep brown with shimmery finish'. This is one of my favourites. The colour is so cool because it's a dark brown but with grey and purple undertones. Very unique. The finish isn't too shimmery either so you can easily use it in your crease, too.
Blackout is described as a 'blackest black with matte finish'. This black is extremely pigmented and matte. The formula is the same as the rest of the mattes, completely non chalky.

I really understand what the buzz is all about with these palettes! With lower budget brands you don't get these kind of interesting colours, let alone finishes. The only con I have is that there aren't a lot of matte colours in the palette. I love shimmer eyeshadows, so I don't mind that. I think it's also great that you get both warm and cool toned colours. I can't wait to create some looks with this palette!

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