Urban Decay Vice 3 review

I'm pretty sure my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette is my most blogged about item. I love it to bits! Also, it was my first 'real' palette. It has a lot of value to me (also others; the gem is going around for $300 on Ebay!). When I first heard they were releasing a new Vice palette this year, I knew I had to have it. I screamed a couple times when I saw the colours; so deep so beautiful, all in a shiny silver case. So when I turned 20 a few weeks back, I decided to order it for myself. I couldn't contain myself until Christmas and I knew I had to have it ASAP. 

The Vice palettes are a part of Urban Decay's Christmas range. This is the third one released Tomorrow a super limited fourth Vice palette comes out, which is simply called Vice LTD. I live in the beautiful Netherlands where cosmetics are hard to find, so I usually just skip on super limited edition items because they are impossible to obtain here. Now, on to the actual review.

As pictured above the Vice 3 palette comes in a shiny silvery case. On the previous Vice palettes the Urban Decay logo is pictured in the crystal-like emblem. They skipped on that with this one and simply wrote 'VICE' on it. Which is fine for me. It's both as impractical because you can't stack them but whatever, it looks really pretty. This palette also comes with an extra make up bag, nice. The palette also fits right into it, however I woudn't recommend travelling lots with it (we'll get to that later). The palette is slightly smaller in height than the Vice 2 palette. It also doesn't open automatically. I thought that was so cool about the Vice 2 palette, but you have to open this one yourself. The large mirror inside is exactly the same and it stays up so it can actually be used as a mirror to do your make up in. 

The sad story here is that I took pictures of the palette, then swatched it, and then found out that the pictures were unsharp.

Inside you find 20 eyeshadows (which are all new). There's a variation of matte, shimmer, sparkly and glittery eyeshadows. 

Truth is described as a 'pale pink nude matte' which is pretty accurate. It works perfectly as a brow bone highlighter (for me) and it's very pigmented. 
Undone is described as a 'pink-beige matte-satin with subtle floating tonal pearl' which is a mouthful for a beige colour. The sparkle isn't very noticable when it's on your eyelids but it does add a little more dimension. 
Downfall is described as a 'warm light brown matte'. I'd say this is the perfect transition colour. 
DTF is described as a 'taupe matte with shimmering floating pearl'. In this one you can actually see the sparkle a little bit. 

Dragon is described as 'bright metallic green shimmer' which might be a bit of an understatement. It's so shiny it's almost foil-like! The colour is extremely bright and pigmented and doesn't need a white base underneath at all. 
Freeze is described as 'metallic medium blue with multidimensional micro-glitter'. This one also has that foil-like texture. Micro glitter hardly ever shows up on the eye, but it does add extra dimension. The finish and the colour make it the best icy blue I've ever seen. I can only think of Frank Ocean singing Ice cold baby, ice cold. 
Heroine is described as 'deep navy blue with subtle floating tonal pearl' this one isn't too shimmery at all, it's almost matte. Which is great because that way it can work with Freeze and Dragon. The texture of this one is a bit more powdery compared to the ones with the shimmery finish, but that's understandable. The colour is a dark navy blue, although it looks more like a cobalt or navy blue in the case. 
Brokedown is described as 'metallic golden brown shimmer with gold micro-glitter' which is very true. This colour might just be my favourite of the whole bunch! The gold micro-glitter definitely shows up and it's just such a cool mix of brown and gold. 

Vanity is described as a 'smoky metallic eggplant with multidimensional micro-glitter'. This is a very rich colour because of the multidimensional glitter. Blends perfectly. 
Lucky  is described as a 'metallic bronze'. This is another one of the foil-like finishes, and therefore one of my favourites. The colour is a metallic bronze, or an orange gold. Blends perfectly. I could have used this for my Lorde tutorial
Reign  is described as 'rich brown satin'. This wasn't the smoothest satin of the bunch, but it's still alright. 
Bobby Dazzle is described as a 'metallic white with pale gold micro-glitter'. The micro glitter actually shows up and it's the best thing ever. 

Alien is described as a 'pink peach with golden shift' this one doesn't photograph too well. It's a very pretty pastel pink colour and the golden shift is very noticable. It also shows up on the lid. 
Alchemy is described as 'deep fuchsia satin'. This shade is so cool! It's slightly blue-toned and it has some shimmer. Blends perfectly, too. 
Bondage is described as 'deep, smoky burgundy shimmer'. This colour is either a very dark purple or a very dark red, you can't really tell. Which is great because you can use it to smoke out either of those colours! Very smooth, very shiny. Love this one! 
Sonic is described as 'metallic red copper'. This one is SO pigmented! Amazingly shiny, beautiful blood orange colour. 

Last Sin is described as a 'champagne shimmer with silver micro-glitter' I would just call this a very shimmery shade because the micro glitter doesn't show up. This might just be because it's already so shimmery. 
Angel is described as a 'light taupe with silver micro-glitter' this one is less shiny than Last Sin, but not less beautiful. Very creamy, the consistency reminds me of the shadows in the Naked 2 palette.   
Defy is described as a 'smoky taupe satin' however, it shows up pretty matte. Urban Decay often does that thing where they add the smallest amount of shimmer to a matte to make it blend easier and shimmer doesn't show up in very small amounts. I think that's what they went for with this eyeshadow too. 
Revolver is described as a 'soft black satin with subtle floating iridescent pearl'. This isn't the most pigmented eyeshadow, and I'd prefer Crave from the Naked 2 palette over this black eyeshadow, but it does have some shimmer to it. It doesn't really show up on the swatch but on the lid it does show up. 

Overall I think all eyeshadows are good quality, some are a little less pigmented but you can easily work around that. One thing I did notice was that some eyeshadows are very, very creamy. Almost like a pressed pigment. What this means is that they can 'crumble'. 

This happens very easily. Make sure you don't swirl your brush into the eyeshadows. Just tap your brush onto the eyeshadow to pick up the product. You easily get too much on your brush, and that is what causes fall-out. You just have to use these eyeshadows the right way, and you won't have any issues with it. 

All in all I'd definitely recommend if you think you'd get use out of most of the colours. The fun thing is that some of these bright colours might get you out of your comfort zone a little bit. There's also a great variety of nudes and bright colours so you can just decide whatever you want that day. This really works for me because I think I use nudes half of the time but I also love experimenting with brighter colours. 

I already made a few looks with the palette. This one is with the third and fourth rows. This look is lightly inspired by this promo image from Urban Decay. 

And I also made this cut-crease look, for which I have a tutorial planned. 

Please let me know if you have any requests for looks with the Vice 3 palette. I always get overwhelmed by all the colours and I want to use them all at once! 

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