Everything about blue hair (also, I got a haircut!)

The other day I got a haircut and even my hairstylists were very impressed with the blue colour. I've been blue for months now and I think it's pretty odd that I haven't wrote a post about it. Read more for all the info on brightly coloured hair, and to see my new haircut!

First things first, the haircut. I got glasses the other day (I know, major things happening and I just don't have enough time to blog! Anyway, you can find them on my Instagram) and with the glasses my hair just felt.. messy. It's definitely a brain problem because many people told me it doesn't look particularly weird but I just felt like I was hiding with a wig and huge glasses. So I wanted my hair to be a bit more.. neat. I found this haircut on Pinterest and I got it the next day. I really, really like it! They hardly cut off anything at the right side but it's still a major difference. I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this asymmetrical bob.

My favourite part is the teeny undercut. You can't really see it's there except when I tuck my hair behind my ear but it's just so cute. I can't stop touching it. Have I ever told you that I have a weird fetish for undercuts? I love them. You can still see a teeny bit of blue in the undercut but that'll grow out, I don't mind it.

Now on to the actual article, everything you need to know about bright hair. I always give people the same few tips and if you follow those rules your hair colour will last you much longer (this also works for conventional artificial hair colours). I'm assuming here that your hair has already been dyed, I'm not a professional hair stylist and I don't know what I'm doing half of the time so giving advice about bleaching would be very questionable. If you're scared to bleach your hair yourself, let a professional do it. And after that is where my tips come in.

1. Wash your hair with cold water 

This is an absolute must if you're going for the fun colours. It doesn't matter what brand of dye you're using. Permanent bright hair dyes don't exist, so all brands will wash out. However, some colours stain your hair a lot (so your hair might be green stained forever, though) and others just don't take at all, that depends on a lot of things. One thing is for sure, your brightly coloured mane will lose its colour when you wash it with hot water, so don't do that. It's also pretty healthy do take cold showers, I think.  
Heat styling isn't too good for your coloured mane either, and some colours fade through heat styling too. However, if you've already bleached your hair to get it to this colour you might want to stay away from heat styling as much as possible. 

2. Wash your hair as less as possible 

Again, these kind of hair colours wash out. Don't want them to wash out? Just don't wash your hair. Dry shampoo is your new best friend. After a while your hair gets used to your new washing regime and it will adjust itself, so it doesn't get greasy after 3 days. The only thing is that this is a phase you'll have to go trough. Think of all the money you'll save on the long run! I only wash my hair once a week now, and sometimes even less. You'll get used to it! Especially when you have a haircut that doesn't require a billion products that grease up your hair!

3. Use sulfate free hair care

Sulfates are basically the ingredient in your shampoo that creates all the foam. Those sulfates strip your hair of all the grease, dirt, natural oils and also.. temporary hair dye! Sulfates are bad for your hair because they strip away all the natural oils (and that's why your hair gets so damn greasy on day 2 if you wash your hair every day!). It's always good to stay away from sulfates and there are tons of good sulfate free shampoos out there. If you feel like your hair still gets gross and greasy after a long time you might have too much build up and in your hair. You can solve this by switching to hair care that's also silicone free.

4. Mix some dye with your conditioner

Whenever I wash my hair I give the colour a tiny touch up because there's always a bit of blue that comes out (even with the right shampoo). I just mix some of the dye with my conditioner. You may want to wear gloves in the shower though, especially when you're working with blue dye. Blue stained hands are terrifying! 

5. Don't be too attached to your pillowcases

This dye transfers to almost anything it touches. You might want to be aware of that. As shown in the top picture,  my pillowcase is slowly turning blue. See also: collars, phone cases, showers, towels. Some of it comes out in the wash but I can't guarantee you anything. If your homeowner is very attached to the beautiful marble sink, you might want to be very careful. (I am speaking from experience here).

I've applied these simple steps to all the bright hair colours I've had and it's always worked. There are some colours that just fade faster than others, like my blue hair hardly fades anymore. If you're working with pastel hues you'll probably just need to dye it in the shower every week, those colours fade like h*ll. When I had pastel pink hair it'd just fade before I'd even wash it. There's nothing you can do about that. The rule of thumb here is, the brighter your colour the longer it'll last. Another fun tip that not everybody knows about is that you can mix all those vegetable based dyes to create your own fun colour. I think that's all the knowledge I have about bright hair colours!

If you think I missed anything and you're still wondering, feel free to drop a comment! I'd be happy to help! 

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