My brow threading experience

Remember when I said that growing my brows out was my best beauty decision? Yeah I got rid of them again. My brows had fully grown out and I thought it was better to take them to a professional to get them cleaned up. Read more to find out what my thoughts are.

When I was doing some research on eyebrows (there's a lot to read about eyebrows, believe me) I found out that generally threading is the best. I also thought the Middle Eastern technique would be good for me because my brows are also dark and thick. Also, threaded brows simply look amazing. So off I went and I got an appointment. As I'm not paid to write this, and I only want to talk about my experience, I won't disclose where I got them done.

My brow person sat me down and simply asked me if I wanted anything special. I said I didn't mind anything as long as my brows didn't end up super thin. She told me that she really liked my natural brows as well, which really comforted me. She first threaded the top of the brow and the top arch. For the bottom part and the "unibrow" part she used hot wax, and at the end she used tweezers to pluck out any stray hairs. The threading didn't hurt as much as I expected and if I'm being honest, it's kind of a funny feeling! I've waxed and tweezed my brows before so I knew what to expect from that. The only thing is, I think my skin reacts to wax? I always end up with red bumps afterwards (both on my face and body). This time I definitely got less red bumps than I would if I'd done it myself, I'm still not into that concept. Fun fact: This is also why I don't do anything about the hairs on my upper lip. My skin and wax are just not good friends. The entire procedure took about 15 minutes and my brows have never been more #OnFleek before. Would I return? Probably. The bumps disappeared after two days, so that's pretty reasonable. I'm really happy with the shape of my brow, it's not too sharp or strong.

Let's take a look at the before brow:

After, without makeup:

After, with makeup.

  • Have you ever had your brows done?
  • Have you ever had your entire brow threaded?
  • Is my reaction to wax a normal one?

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